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I am looking for advice on picking my new skis. I would like a ski that can do everything from groomers, to park, to backcountry and even the occasional mogul runs. I really need a one ski quiver here. I am from Vancouver so I'm normally stuck on the local mountains  like Cypress and Seymour, which have very unpredictable conditions. Sometimes its 10-20 cms of fresh pow overnight, and sometimes its the same snow thats been around for 2 weeks. You never really know what you might be skiing. I also like to go ski Whistler, Baker and Revelstoke 5-10 times per season and while there I like to venture into the backcountry and ski untouched pow. I like skiing the park too, and while its not high on my priority list to have a great park ski, it would be nice to have one that can handle the occasional box rail. 


Me - I am 19 years old, about 5'11 and weigh 185 pounds. I have been skiing for about 7 years now and I am around the expert level. I currently own 2 different skis for the different conditions. I have the Saloman Czar 2010s for skiing powder and backcountry and the 2011 Dynastar 6th Sense Twisters for groomers and moguls. Neither of these skis really perform to my liking. The Czars are 174cm and the Twisters are 169cm and I feel comfortable with these lengths. Ideally, I would like something between 170-175 cm long. When it comes to the waist width, I would like my new skis to be between 100-115mm. Nothing bigger or smaller then that. I also need these skis to be twin tipped as I like doing 180s off small jumps and cliffs. Sorry if I sound so picky but I really want to get the ski that suits me best! So far I looked at a couple different pairs of skis that fit my descriptions and I will list them below. 


Skis that I have considered: 

K2 Kung Fujas 169cm

Armada TST 174cm

Armada JJ 175cm

Saloman Shogun 172cm

Atomic Blog 177cm

ON3P Vicik 176cm


I am also very interested in the ON3P Jeffreys as long as the 2013 model comes in a 176cm, as I've heard it rumored to be. If anyone has any other suggestions for skis that fit my description I would very much appreciate to hear about them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!