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Hi, i posted the other day about some ski's (Head Peak I 78, Titans) but after speaking to a few people on here & reading some more on various skis I've decided to go for a different model as i think the titans are going to be just a little bit much for my ability.

I'm deciding between the following:

Head Icon TT 500, Geometry:116/67/100 @ 170cm, Terrain:  100% Piste, Radius:   14.0 at 170cm.
Head X-Shape MTX, Geometry:125/72/109 @ 170cm, Terrain: 90% Piste/10% Off Piste, Radius:12.9m at 170cm

I've also a few questions about skis in general if anyone can answer?

-Why do a lot of people say go for a longer ski not to short? whats the pro's or cons of this, is long better for piste or off piste,speed or turns?
-Does a piste ski want to be stiffer or more flexible & what about off for piste?
-Does a stiffer ski only improve speed or turning also?
-Why do some piste skis have same size tail and tips but a narrower waist?


Based on the answers to the above may help me decide on which to pick as both seem similar in description but not in size spec.

After a re-think, I'm more likely to be skiing on piste in all conditions & not so focused on off piste. But would like a ski that can handle fresh powder which I've seen a lot of this year on & off the pistes.


My level is Intermediate to advanced, & I'm looking to progress all round, turning,carving moguls.
I'm 178cm & 78kg.