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Fitness swimming?

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I spent a few years training for and racing triathlons and obviously spent a lot of time in the pool. I'm over that sickness (kidding, tris are a TON of fun) but still swim, bike, and run for fitness. Cycling and running are great fitness sports and have a direct correlation to skiing but swimming doesn't.

I only swim to give my legs a rest but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good source for some fitness swimming workouts. When training for tris, most of my workouts were geared towards stroke improvement and speed; neither of which is important to me now.

Any advice? I searched the web for some good fitness workouts but came up empty.

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Hop in your local body of water, tie a 10' dinghy to your ankles (tying your ankles together, of course), put your wife and kids in the dinghy, and start heading toward the other shore. BTW, if you die, don't come running to me, it was just an idea
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they have training tips that might prove helpful.
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JohnH, I do that workout a few times a week but I'm looking for something a bit more challenging

Ryan, thanks for the link; exactly what I was looking for. Who'da thunk you could find fitness swimming tips at fitnessswimming.com?? duh!
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used to do the tri's, too. found it much easier to swim non-stop long distance than to swim fast. that arm turnover just KILLS. how'd you work up to that? lots of speed intervals? plan on getting back into the pool this summer, but no training. there's not much more relaxing than getting into that rhythm, with the laps falling away and no one to share the lane with. i miss that watery serenity.
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To be honest, the swim was always my weakest event. I would pour over the magazines and look for races that had super-short lake or bay swims, long, hilly bikes, and average runs

I spent one spring training with a little-kid's swim team and did a lot of speed intervals which ended up being around 2500 yards per workout. I was surprised at how short the intervals were; we did lots of 25's and 50's and I hated that. I, like you, would much rather hop in the water and do 1000 slow than do intervals so that's all I'm doing now.

Two highlights of my tri-racing:
1. In the Malibu Triathlon, I got passed in the swim by a woman who swam RIGHT over my back before I got to the first bouy. The men got a 2 minute head start on the women
2. While training with that kid's team, I got passed by an 8 year old girl while we were doing 200's. She had her right arm in a cast.
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i hear ya. still, i found that temporary ego-whittling to be beneficial; i realized my level would NEVER be even close to world-class so i learned to relax and have a good time. which comes into play now when i see five-year-olds in tucks on the hill running gates, leaving me feeling like a somewhat mobile statue. anyway, no "training" anymore - i don't miss it one bit - other than the things i do to make me feel "better" while skiing.
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Good advice. I should have taken a TI clinic when I was into racing. I hear they can improve a rock's (like me) swimming more than a year in the pool. Fishlike swimming is so cool when you read about it but impossible to learn without being coached. The developer of this program (Terry...someone) has a pretty impressive resume of world class triathletes that he's coached. Shoulda coulda woulda!

Of course I don't hate you, I'm new to this board though, so give me time

Seriously, you do come off a bit like an Amway salesman on steroids. Tone it down a bit, don't insult anyone, and you'll probably get a lot more meaningful dialogue and maybe even a few customers. I think you mean well but it's tough to see that when you're insulting the respected instructors!

Thanks again for the swim advice.
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In the sports section of the major chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Borders or Waldenbooks you should be able to find a number of books devoted to different swimming drills and exercises.

I have been swimming for exercise for years. I when I swim I feel more like a barge compared to a speed boat but I don't care. I enjoy it mostly for its relaxation and fitness value. When on a ski vacation I try to find a Hotel with a lap pool. I find swimming laps at a slow to moderate rate great for dealing with jet lag and keeping the body limber. At home I usually swim a mile four times a week at the nearby YMCA pool.
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