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John Oshima, SF Bay Area Boot Guy

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A couple of years ago John Oshima at California Ski Company in Berkeley did some work on my ski boots. Did a great job, and was a really likeable guy. My girlfriend needs some work done on her boots now and called to make an appointment with him, but was told he's no longer there.


Anyone know what has become of him?

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For anyone who might be interested I was able to learn that John Oshima has recently started working at Montclair Sports in the Oakland Hills.



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Earlier this season I was thinking about getting some new boots, and talked to a couple of boot fitters in South Lake Tahoe, but just didn't feel like I wanted to work with them. Nothing bad, just a gut/vibe thing.


I was able to re-connect with John Oshima, who is now working out of his home in Oakland...




My girlfriend had some issues with her boots as well, so in early December we both went over to see him. He spent a few hours with her one afternoon and made several mods to her boots, and I went back another day to have him work on mine.


John, like most bootfitters I've met, has strong opinions about what and how to do things. I decided to just go with his approach, feeling that if things didn't work out I could always start from scratch somewhere else, TBD. He changed my setup to be a lot more upright, reshaped the heel area of the boot itself to tighten the fit, and opened up the ankle pocket a bit to allow me more room to use the ankle to work the boot and ski. A few other tweaks as well.


When I eventually got on the snow my first run on the "new" boots I was cursing him - everything felt completely different, and I literally felt like I had to relearn to ski, but by the end of the day I was starting to make my peace with things. Most of the time since then I've spent skiing on skinny (65-75) skis on firm groomers in Tahoe, but the past few days finally got to actually ski some powder on fatties (115). It's all good. I have a snug fit, am totally comfortable in the boots, and feel like I'm skiing better than ever.


So if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and looking for a boot fitter you might consider contacting John. He's been doing this for a while, knows a lot of people in the biz, and is an interesting and nice guy..


P.S. He made similar but not identical changes to my girlfriends boots, and she's been pretty happy with the results as well.

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I picked up a pair of new Lange boots in the off season for a great price, and today went over for some fitting work with John Oshima. He made several tweaks to the shells and alignment and they're feeling snug but good - will find out when I get on the snow, but I should be good to go!


My girlfriend also went along, and he made a few shell mods to her boots to accommodate some changes in the shape of her feet over time (she dances a lot).


John works out of a well-equipped shop in the basement of his home. It's always a pleasure going by there, and he really knows his stuff and gets things done very efficiently. If you're in the Bay Area and need some boot work done check him out...


John Oshima Contact Info

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