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I just got back from skiing 3 day in Utah on the 2012 Sir Francis Bacon. 


Ski: 178

Me:  Advanced Skier, 5'8'', 158 lbs


First day was with 8" of new snow.  Ski felt great.  Light, poppy, stable underfoot.  I also felt that the ski was forgiving when I got bucked into the backseat.  Very Playful and fun. 


Second Day was a mix of trees, powder stashes, cut up snow, soft bumps, and pack powder groomers.  I started to notice that on runs where the speed was higher, the ski felt short and slightly unstable.  Still a lot of fun.


Third Day was a mix of hike to powder shots, firmer moguls, and fast groomers.  Not the best day for the ski.  The powder was heavier and I almost went over the handlebars a bunch of times, which I would fight by jumping in the backseat.  On the high speed groomers back to lifts, the skis felt squirrely and did not inspire lots of confidence. 


I know that the Bacon is a more center mounted ski and I wonder if moving the mount back would change the ski.  I did some research prior to mounting them, but it all pointed to mounting them on the suggested line. 


I am looking for a Western Ski Daily Driver.  Is there another ski that might be similar, but might be slightly more stable?  Gotama? 


Skis that I tend to like are medium to medium stiff with a round/balanced flex (ex. Volkl Bridge, Stockli XXL)


Skis that tend to not like are overly stiff skis and especially those with a stiff tail (ex. Volkl Mantra)


Thanks for any suggestions.