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Stockli Laser SX 2012 vs 2013 difference and size

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I am just deciding what ski to buy, please help!


I am 33, 183cm (6' I think it is) long and weight 87kg (I think around 190lbs). I consider myself an aggresive skier, like medium to long turns, mostly on grommed, but like to ski in all conditions.


This year is my first year of skiing after 18(!) years I have only snowboarded. I have tried skiing again at the beginning of the season and cannot explain how I loved it. Anyway, back in the days, I used to be a good skier, did some competitions as well, but all that is obviously gone. Today, everything seems different, both the gear and the style of skiing, but I am prepared to invest both my time and money to improve as much as I can. I know I need a lot of training and improvement.


For a start, I cheaply purchased a pair of 2010 Rossignol Mutix skis, simply cuz my colleague was selling them. Very soon, I have realized that this was not the ski for me and that I needed something much stifter that will hold in high (or at least higher) speeds. I started looking for a new ski.


I have tested the Atomics D2 Race GS in 174cm (too stiff on the first day, the second day I loved it), TI PB Gs 174 cm (not ideal conditions on that day, but the ski did not impress me in any way), Blizz R Power 181 cm (bad conditions for this ski on that day, so could not really tell), G Power 174 cm I think (great ski in all conditions) and the Magnum 8.1 174 cm (LOVED this ski in all conditions - morning partly icy and grommed, afternoon with heavy snow). I also tried the Head Supershape Speed, which I liked very much on groomed. Overall, the winner was Blizz Magnum 8.1., which I though would be an ideal universal ski.


This weekend, I have tried the 2012 Stocklis Laser SX in 170cm. In the morning, the conditions were ideal for this ski I think (hard snow, partly icy). This ski holded, was fun, could do short turns, medium turns, long turns, no issues. Later on that day, as the temprerature raised,the conditions changed a lot, but the ski was still perfect, very comfortable. From my point of view, a similar experience as the Blizz 8.1 Magnum, but a better carver.


After reading the blogs here about both these skis and the right bindings, I have decided to purchase a pair of these Stocklis, probably with Speedlock Pro (or Race) and 614Race bindings (my boots are Salomon Impact 120CS, if it matters). I could probably get them rather cheaply.


I have just realized that I could purchase the same Laser SX ski for 2013. The ski is the same, except it has R17, instead of cca 15.6 (the 2012 model).


Could you please let me know you ideas and opinions on:


1. the likely differences between the 2013 ski and the 2012? In particular, do you think that the overall feel will be substantially different (the Blizz was more than R18 I think and I liked very much)? It appears to me that this should not make a huge difference, expcept for that the ski will not be so happy to do shorter turns, but am not sure.


2. whether either of these skis in 170cm is OK for me? When I tried the 2012 model, it felt just perfect, I realize that some of you here prefer longer lenghts, but I definitely want to avoid having a ski that is too much of a ski for me (plus note I have not skied for 18 years).


Any comments are greatly appreciated! I should add that I am no longer looking for a universal ski, but for a ski for groomed and carving.


Many thanks!!

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Welcome to Epic! As I understand it, Stockli runs two year production cycles. So the 2013 SX should be identical to this season's. As far as length, I have skied the CX, not the SX, but based on reviews here and design, I assume they're similar except the SX is a bit stiffer and slightly more GS-ish. I am 184 cm, 75 kg, found the 170 length about right. In the SX, I'd choose the same 170, but have a hunch it would want a bit more speed to bend. For you, the 170 would be perfect, I'd guess, as an all-around, all turn shape ski. You could also handle the 178, but it would be more of a higher speed GS machine. 

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1. There is no differences beetween 11/12 and 12/13 SX except topsheet colors. Sidecut : R15.6 (170)  R17.3 (178)


2. I think 170 is OK

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Thanks to both of you! red freeskier are you sure abou the sidecut? the local Stockli guy said the SX is supposed to be more of a gs tool for the next season and noted the different sidecut. I thought this was kinda strange, given that at the same lenght 170cm, the width of the ski remains the same for 2013 (120 - 70 - 99), but was not sure if there is even any relation between these figures and the sidecut

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Originally Posted by Risut View Post

red freeskier are you sure abou the sidecut?


Yes. This is a SX tech data from 12/13 Stoeckli Collection


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Thank you!

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Risut,  a perspective from someone who is 91 kg (approx 200lbs) and 185cm (approx 6'1/2") and a level 7-8 on the Epicski rating of awsomeness.  I've been skiing the SX @ 178cm  for 2 years; yes we get the new season skis early on the southern half of the planet.  My Stockli dealer always mounts my skis at 1cm forward, however, I had the SX mounted with the Vist Speedlock TT plate / 614 bindings, after reading some of Lou Dawson's stuff on binding placement, so I could change the mounting position if required.  The first time I went out on the SX my initial reaction was that the ski was powerful and it was going to kick my butt.  After the first run, I stopped, moved the bindings forward one notch (which IIRC is 1cm) and viola, the ski remained powerful, but suddenly became likeable.  This is a ski that wants to go fast and make turns; free skiing, you seek out  imaginary gates to lay turns around. I don't think you can have much more fun on-piste, on hard snow, on any other ski.  Read dawgcatching's review, he is spot on with this ski. On the other hand, in sloppy manky snow, it is a real chore; so stick to hard grommers, this is what this ski was designed for.


I highly recommend the SX and don't think the 178cm would be too much ski for you. I also have the Laser SC @ 170cm; I've owned this ski for a few years and now often wish it was a bit longer. That said, it is not a ski for skiing all day (that is what my Stormrdier XXL if for), if you want something crusier, choose the CX instead.

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Hi Risut , Like Taxman , I'm another Aussie who swears by STOCKLI Skis and he is right on about the SX , its a tremendous ski .  It will be at its best on the Groomers and light off piste but be prepared to work it . I have the FIS 190 SX and it is unstoppable ! When it comes to the SKI length question , while the performance available in the shorter ski is High , a longer length will have benefits like greater stability on landing from high speed airs or rollers etc , if you like that in your skiing .

Another ski that might be worth a look for you is the Laser SC , I have that in a 177 and it will do anything/everything you need or want , still with tons of energy and feel , but not as demanding as the SX. I Guided and Taught with this SC Jan 2012 in Aspen and it was the Ski I spent most time on over the 6 weeks I was there , really versatile but Super High Performance as well .

Your info to us shows that you were a strong Skier , and Will get back there , so I think you'll be happy with any or all of the Skis that have been recommended to you ,,,

and another thing ... Welcome Back to Skiing !

Cheers Fatty..

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Just purchased the Lasr SC 170 today without the benefit of a demo first. Me: 46 years old, 17th ski season,height 5'10"(178cm) and weight 183lbs (83kg). I've demo'd lots of skis myself this year with the unfortunate exception of the Head I Titan which I had really wanted to try. My heart was set on the Stockli and I ended up  buying a last pair this morning and then skiing spring snow this afternoon at Loon Mtn.  I find it remarkable how much this SC felt like the Blizzard Magnum 7.6 in a 177cm size which is a ski that I came very close to purchasing a couple months ago. Had I known the similarity in feel between these two skis I might very well have purchased the Blizzards and saved a bit of money. I am curious to find out how the SC will carve the hardpack, but will most likely have to wait until next season to find out. That being said, of the skis I did demo this year I truly enjoyed the Elan Amphibio 176 the most. Just a terrific carver with what I would consider less chatter than the Stockli.  

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Originally Posted by toscki View Post

I am curious to find out how the SC will carve the hardpack, but will most likely have to wait until next season to find out....


The SC will carve trenches.

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