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Mtn Biking on OLN

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Last night, on OLN, they had a show about this group of people who biked the Inca trail in Peru. Did anyone else see this? This trail was amazing! One of the riders was a German guy named Hans (I think). This dude was frickin' amazing. It looks like he was a trials rider in a previous life. Seeing what these guys could do on a bike was awe inspiring. At one point, they were going down steep rocky single track on the side of a cliff. The path was, maybe 18" wide of bread-loaf sized rocks, and a total stair case. If you were to go off the side, it was almost pure vertical. These guys were NUTS. And they would ride for as much as 10 hours a day! At other times, they were going through jungle trails that were about 18" deep, and not really wide enough for the pedals to fit. This was, by faaaarr, the most epic mountain bike ride I've ever seen. Some of the stuff they rode, I don't know if I'd be able to walk it.
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We're not in Kansas anymore...

I missed it, but would love to have see it. I love watching others (key word = OTHERS) do that kind of crazy stuff on bikes.

I promise we won't end up going off any cliffs if I lead the ride this Friday (despite my talent for providing very detailed, but wrong directions). Heh, heh...
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John, What is OLN? I have digital cable (Time-Warner) with over 200 channels but can't find anything aproximating OLN.

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Hans "No Way" Rey is/was indeed a trials rider, and probably one of, if not THE, best!

That was such a cool ride. I liked it when the guy walking the donkey went past and looked at those guys like they were NUTS!
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OLN is the Outdoor Life Network.
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Ott - What Scott said - Outdoor Life. It's a great channel for people like us. Lots of biking (mountain and road), skiing, kayaking, sailing and other non-team outdoor sports. Maybe a bit too much fishing, but that's because, to me, watching fishing is like watching paint dry or grass grow.

Gonz - these guys were doing, what amounted to, trials riding to get up and down some of these hills. One of the guys there said that it was the hardest ride he had ever done. And I would imagine that he has ridden the North Shore. So it must be on the same level.
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Gill, OLN will be repeating this footage on June 11 in the morning. It's on their web site (www.olntv.com).

Sergey ( 2pizza@usa.net )
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Thanks, Scott and John, Time-Warner digital cable has an Outdoor channel but it is not OLN. Do you get it via a dish?

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I've got DirecTV. It is digital satellite. OLN is available on their bottom-end package that costs $21/mo. The only extra I pay is $6/mo for local broadcast stations. I'll end up paying another $4/mo when I get my other box hooked up in our bedroom (need to run the wire). It's a lot cheaper than the cable here (not digital cable), and has a MUCH better picture (digital), more channels and more options. Plus, the local cable forces you to use a cable box, so either way, I can't use my pic-in-pic, which pisses me off. But I think you can now buy DirecTV receiver boxes that have 2 tuners, so you can watch one channel while recording another, or use pic-n-pic. We also get a bunch of digital music "stations", which are great because there are about 4 channels that we actually like, and there are no DJs, commercials or interruptions of any kind. The "tv guide" that the system uses is great too. I haven't even looked at the one that comes with the Sunday paper since we got this system.
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