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yet another what to buy thread

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I am an upper intermediate skiier. I lived in Houston for most my life and consequently only averaged about 5 ski days a year for about 8 years. Now Ive moved to colorado and have a season pass [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] So, Im expecting to get a lot better very fast since I am expecting to almost double my total days on skis this season.
I know fairly little about equipment because I rented for the time I lived in houston. Im trying to learn as fast as possible though.
Im fairly athletic and ski very aggressively. 5'11, 150lbs.

As a stop gap measure, I bought some used 170cm cheapo rossi rebel x's on ebay for $100 w bindings. Now with xmas coming, I am looking at moving up.

I like bumps and jumps so I was thinking along twin tip lines.
Two skis under consideration:

Pocket Rockets
Any other suggestions would be good.

Which of these would be better? I probably wont spend more than 10% of my time in the park- so while park performance is cool, its not the #1 consideration.

Another question: Length.
I bought my rossis short thinking that I would be getting better and buying new skis within a season. Im pretty sure that 170s are a bit short- they seem squirrley, especially at moderate-high to high speed. But this might be a property of the ski. How much more is reasonable? 174, 177, 180?
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Nooooooo! Texans!

Kidding. Well, kinda.

I'm 5'11", 169-174 is your length. 180 in general will be too long IMHO, as you are a very light person.

PR is too fat underfoot for all day on piste (90mm). But great in crud and pow.

1080 is a sweet ski that wears many hats. But look at the K2 Public Enemy as well for a less costly alternative.

I hear good things about the Volkl V-Pro as well.

Good luck, and good move (to CO)!
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i definetly advocate the Volkl V pro...while just about every company makes a pretty decent ski these days....i have been really inpressed with volkl's ability to make a park ski that performs like an all mountain cruiser...i have skied this series since the original V came out and i have no complaints...i also like Fischer's park ski for...
good luck and have fun
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Nooooooo! Texans!
I hate texas more than almost anyone- I was forced to live there against my will for 18 years!
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Nice job on the move to Colorado. If your only getting one pair i wouldn't get the pocket rockets. They are actually a decent ski on piste despite what some might tell you, but they are way to soft for crud and wouold blow in the bumps. I would agree with the volkl v-pros. They area great do it all twin tip. Hit up my pm I'll show you some stashes sometime.
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