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Mt Bohemia 3/3-4/2012

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I've been reading this site for a while, and finally have something to contribute.


Three buddies and I made the trip to Mount Bohemia this past weekend after seeing reports of 3 feet of snow in the past 5 days or so.  A snowstorm on the drive up turned the normally 6-hour drive from Madison, WI to Houghton, MI into about 11 hours.  Without a doubt, it was worth it.


A search didn't bring back much on Mt. Bohemia, so I'll give an overview.


It is the definition of a skier's hill.  Located near the tip of Upper Michigan's Keewenaw Peninsula, this is a no-frills area.  Slopeside lodging is available in a few cabins and yurts.  The only restaurant for miles is in the "base lodge" (4 interconnected yurts).  They don't make snow, and they don't own a groomer.  They receive, on average, 270" of  snow per year, with lake effect from Superior helping out significantly.


There are a few clear-cut runs, but the majority of the skiing is glade skiing.  The trail map in their brochure is not much of a representation of the actual hill, so this is adventure skiing at its finest.  Just choose a direction (you can ski all 360 degrees off the top), and you will pop out one of a few places: 1) one of the two lifts, 2) a traverse back to the base area, or 3) onto a road where they run a shuttle to pick you up and bring you back to the base.


The terrain is the reason that expert skiers flock from around the midwest.  All of their terrain is marked black diamond at the easiest, but someone comfortable on big-mountain blues would have a great time at Bohemia.  It is much more comparable to western mountain skiing than it is to the small hills of the midwest.


On Saturday, it absolutely puked all day, making for some of the best powder conditions I have ever skied.  By the time we woke up on Sunday morning, their website was reporting 12" in the past 24 hours.  On Sunday, the sun came out for a while (a rarity), and it got warm enough to take the jacket off.  Could not have asked for better conditions, with light winter powder morphing into soft spring bumps.  I'll try to post a video, but I'm an epicski rookie, so i hope this works.  I'm the skier in the red jacket/black tshirt  and black pants.

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I wish Bohemia wasn't so far away because I would love to give it a try.

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Cool, man!  Pretty accurate synopsis of the area, too.  I miss that place.

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