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So relevant info is: 26yrs old, 6'3", 265lbs, 8/9, 15-20 days per year.  Just got back from Tahoe on a 1 1/2 week vacation that straddled the dry period and the 2' dump. I can and do ski everything on a mountain, with the exception of big cliffs and terrain parks. I live in Brooklyn and my home mountain is in S. VT.  I just wanted to see what responses I would get here before walking into a shop, especially since I have an atypical body type (and huge size 14-15 feet) that your normal retail guy might not see very often.


Current equipment (bought by my parents in 2003, was 17 and 6/9)


K2 Axis X 184cm- Love these skis, very damp, definite speed limit but made up for by flex and versatility


Technica Rival RX (85 flex)- High volume, on my third set of custom liners. I know 85 is not cutting it any longer and with this last liner packed out, I would rather spend the money to upgrade than to just be at the point after another year and a half where I am buckling down so hard that my feet kill me.


What I am looking for:




As a very competent east coast skier, I spend most of my time in the trees and on bumps, snow permitting. While my current skis are mogul machines, they leave alot to be desired on soft snow days in the trees. Looking for a east coast mid-fat, perhaps with a tip/tail rocker (though I cannot speak with authority on them). I was thinking something along the lines of the K2 aftershock. Any competing thoughts/suggestions on this type of ski would be much appreciated.




High instep, moderate arch, most of all HIGH VOLUME. I have a huge foot that requires some creative boot fitting. I am looking for something in the 110-120 flex range that can accomodate my feet. Other than that, any make/model suggestions are more than welcome.


Thanks for all your help in advance.