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Ski Jackets for Broad Shoulders & Thick Chest

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I am 5'8" and have a fairly thick neck, broad shoulders, and thick chest.  Seems like everything made nowadays is for the bean-pole body type and nothing fits after you hit the weight bench a bit too hard.  I am a bit on the heavier side now, but even when I was super-fit in the Army running every day I was always 200-210. 


I am looking for a clothing maker that fits without binding around the back and arms & limit my range of motion without wearing something that doubles for a tent with sleeves dangling 5" past my hands.


My 1993 North Face Smear size L from when I was a kid, while a little tight around the waist, offers suitable room--I can cross my arms without feeling like the back is going to tear out or reach above me without the armholes binding.  Unfortunately the Ultrex liner is pretty shot and flakes everywhere--not to mention that it is a bit bulky.  I have another jacket that is an XXL that is like going downhill in a tent.


Marmot, North Face at the XL are mad tight in the shoulder--but the lengths are long in the arms--I didn't have the opportunity to try an XXL.


Is there any manufacturer out there I should try?



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I am not as vertically challenged as you are... however the broad shoulders and thick neck have been a challenge over the years. I have found that Patagonia and Arteryx fit well. 6'4" 230# +....in street clothes I need 18 neck 36 sleeve 48 chest 36 waist 34 inseam. I usually take an XL jacket and L or L / long pants. XXL jackets are better in the sleeve and neck but leaves me with ALOT of space in the waist.

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Have you tried flylow?  Im a thin athletic build, so different than you, and I tried on their quantum jacket the other day.  It was wide in the arms which I really like and I dont find in many jackets, but the chest and shoulder area was too big for me so it might be along the lines of what you are looking for. 

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Try Mountain Hardware ice climbing gear.  I'm 6'1, 280 pounds, their XL fits me perfectly.  I have a big chest and torso.  The thing I really like about my jacket is the arms.  Total range of motion and a built in internal cuff for keeping out snow.


This isn't mine exactly but close:



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I'm 6'3, 210, and pretty broad shouldered. Last two or three snow suits I've been wearing are from the Shaun White collection from Burton. The XL size is pretty large, I have no problem fitting in it.


He comes up with some really good ideas too, as far as convenient pockets and stuff goes. Never owned any snowsuits I've liked more to be honest. Some skiing purists I've recommended it to don't like supporting a snowboarding company, but to be perfectly honest I've been nothing but impressed by Burton's softgear products (gloves, thermal layers, snowsuits, etc.).

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Me, personally, am having difficulty finding pants that give my anaconda enough room.
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Good question.  Let me know what you find.  I find ski and ski race clothing in particular are made for folks with soccer builds or jr's.  Football builds - I am 5'11" 192 are tough to fit.  The older I get the more I slim across the chest and shoulders but brands like North Face are always tight in chest.  In Descente I take an XXL oddly enough for vest/soft shell.

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Winner was arcteryx "Crossbow Jacket" in XL--arms are a little long, but decent shoulder room without being fit in the guy like a tent.  40% off


North Face-XL too tight throughout the range of their jackets. XXL  fit ok in the shoulders, but was a bit baggy and the sleeves were too long.


Patagonia was similar to NF for the one jacket I tried--forgot the name.


Marmot--to tight all around.


Salomon--the guy in the shop told me they had a "European" fit.  Very tight across the chest in XL with arms that were 10in longer than my arm.


The tightest was Mountain Hardware--although I admit I didn't see any of their ice climbing stuff as mentioned above.  All the other jackets I could zipper up in XL.  I could barely get my arms through the MH jacket sleeves in XL.  I thought at first I had mistakenly wandered into the woman's section--but the label inside said Men's XL.  


Oakley didn't have anything in XL that was suitable for anyone over 17.



Didn't get a chance to try on any Burton gear.



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If you want something that fits you better than off-the-rack, try Beyond Clothing.

The reason lots of serious outdoor clothing companies make stuff for "beanpoles" is because most alpinists (mountaineers, ice climbers, rock climbers, people who thrive on cardio exercise) are skinny and are usually trying to maximize power-to-weight, not trying to bulk themselves up. (dmourati above is a good example of the exception, rather than the rule) Look at top road cyclists who specialize in multi-stage Tours, especially the climber specialists -- most of 'em are very skinny! On the other hand bodybuilders and powerlifters tend to focus on indoor activities and getting hugely bulky and mega-mesomorphic will always take you out of the mainstream where clothing is concerned. You've figured that out by now, I hope!
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