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Midwest ski video need advice HELP:)

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Need to get your opiion on this video I made the last few days...what could I do to make it better?


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Change the music... that song about put me to sleep

Other than that good work.

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thank dude!!

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Is there a time limit and you were trying to fit everything about Buck in?

My impression was that it's all a bit disjointed and didn't flow. It skipped here and there repeatedly. I'd start with the windshield wipers, maybe add a shot of someone taking gear off the car, show the Buck Hill entrance, go to your pole and boot pix, then the chair/magic carpet parts, put the TINY bit of skiing together with the skiers in the park, add the boarders in the park, combine the tubing and whatever that other sliding thing was, etc. I'd try to make each similar element the approximate length of the part showing the Nastar racing.

Haven't seen a Tucker in years, so that might merit a bit more footage for old farts like me.

More pix of pretty smiles!!

The music is whimsical enough. Something more "upbeat" might be distracting.
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I liked the shots that took the riding out of the context of Buck Hill into the more universal riding/skiing/jibbing experience. Keeping close in to your frame subject is good on a small hill. You know buck's a small place, but no one else needs to know. The more abstract shots are your friend and keep things in the 'univeral' realm mentioned above. The crowd shots, again, keep it tight. The shot of the girl with the drink is very effective. You want to sit down with her if she'll have you, and again, that's a universal. If you need a location shot that says "we're at BH", your title does that very well. Make a mountain out of a molehill, and you've done your job well. \

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Looks good!

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Cool video.  Ilike the close-ups.


For the jump sequences, I like the slow mo but maybe stick in a stop motion still with motion animation.  More footage of pretty bunnies sipping cider. 


Two words:  Little Kids



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NIce job, good shooting.


Here are my issues, and this is meant to be constructive and make the video more compelling so here goes.


I like the music but it never really goes anywhere.  Fine for :30, boring for the length of your video.


You did a nice job of cutting on the beats - very important, but you hold onto many of the shots for too long.  Mix up the pace, the shots at the head should all be shorter.  For example the shot of the lift bull wheel should cut where the people wipe the camera in the foreground...a natural cut point if I ever saw one.  Same with some of your park shots, cut out sooner.


Kudos to you for cutting though... I mean it.  So many people use distracting wipes and energy sapping dissolves in their videos.  From the shooting and editing I am guessing you are either a professional or a serious student and I think you have talent.  


Finally, the opening shot... I know you are going for a slow reveal of the subject matter and that is cool but I think you might find a better shot....and the close feels a little busy with the shot you are using behind the graphic.  Maybe treat the background shot to help the gfx pop?


Best shot in the video is the CU of the girl drinking coffee and smiling.  Get more of those if possible.  For a local hill like yours it's the people and scene that will sell it.


I like the shots of the costumed groups walking towards the camera but I would break them up maybe with terrain park shots in-between the groups


Mostly the music and pacing though, mix up the pace of our shots and find some music that builds with EMOTION.  Emotion is what sells promotional pieces like yours.


My background is in short-form promotional TV and video production and I have critiqued a thousand promos in my time... that does not mean I know what I am talking about because there are many ways to skin a cat.


Good luck - it is a really nice video as is but you asked how to make it better.

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Crank- You have prob the best advice I have heard from anyone on the net.  Thanks for the info and I'll think about those things for next time.  You guys have some nice people over here thanks - RJ

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Nice video MrDude! Good footage and very nice editing. Crank did a very nice critique. The music choice is so critical on a piece like this. I'm not crazy about the titles, coming from a graphic design background. Maybe try a font more like what's on the Buck Hill website with their deer logo. Once again, good work.
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