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Just returned from a week long trip to Sedona, Arizona and all I can say is "WOW" about the mountain bike trails there. I rode a system of trails around Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and a number of other trails without names or that didn't appear on the trail map I bought.

If any of you are ever out there, I highly recommend renting a bike from Bike and Bean. The guys there are really cool and they rent some high end dual suspension bikes (Giant NRS, Kona Mokumoku, etc.).

The trails there range from very easy (Bell Rock Scenic Parkway), to very tough (Broken Arrow, Mystic and Secret Trails). My wife and I got to see some native wildlife, including a Bull snake, eagles, lots of lizards, etc.. We ended up riding for about 4 hours on the day we rented bikes (yup, we got lost).

Anyway, just thought I'd post my high recommendation of the trails there. I'm looking forward to trying to keep up with JohnH and Gonz next weekend. Looks like we'll have a pretty large group for this ride.