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Partial Review of 2013 Head Rev

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Hi All,

I had a chance to demo the 2013 Head Rev at Mt. Rose last Tuesday and thought you might be interested in my impressions. I don't have all the information to offer a complete review of this product so I didn't post in Member Ski Reviews.

I'm 5'9", 195 lbs., level 8-9 skier and the conditions were light chopped up powder, soft bumps and some groomed. The ski was a traditional cambered 181cm Head Rev but I don't have the tip, tail, and waist #s.  I used this ski for 4 or 5 runs and I was very impressed. My current powder boards are Volkl Mantras in a 184cm from the 1st year production. Admittedly, an older powder ski, but I was still surprised at how much improvement had been made in the last 8 years. The Head Revs are about 10 mm wider throughout the entire length than the Mantras, but felt like they had more sidecut too. They were predictably fun and easy to turn in the cut up powder (about 15") though the snow was light enough that I can't comment on how well they would work in heavier crud. The thing that impressed me most though, was how agile they were in the soft bumps and groomed runs. They were only slightly less quick edge to edge than my frontside boards, (Volkl AC3) and extremely easy to initiate. Solid carves at high speed and very damp. In short, I think Head has built another great all mountain ski.




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Hi - If they're 10 mm wider than Mantras, that means the 105 mm model? Also, I was under the impression that the Revs had early rise, with i tech at the tip. Wrong? 

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

Hi - If they're 10 mm wider than Mantras, that means the 105 mm model? Also, I was under the impression that the Revs had early rise, with i tech at the tip. Wrong? 

No, that is correct.  Everyone is raving about this ski.  Of course, being the wrong brand, it probably won't sell very well, but hey, several people I trust (that ski well and know something about skis and technique) really love it.  That says something. 

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If it was a 181 and wider than your Mantras then it was the Rev 105. It does have modest tip rise (as does the Rev 90) and yes....it is a very good ski.



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Yup. My bad about the traditional camber. The early rise was apparently modest enough to go unnoticed by me. Maybe I need to start wearing glasses, or at least start paying more attention.cool.gif



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Any thoughts about how the Head Rev 105 compares to this year's Head Inferno? 

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Originally Posted by kkashkooli View Post

Any thoughts about how the Head Rev 105 compares to this year's Head Inferno? 

I'll be skiing them later this week and will post a quick report.


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i try the 105 and the 90... the 90 is a killer... the best ski by head about a long time...


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I skied the Rev 90 at the Snowshoe demo last week and it was my favorite ski around this waist range. Pretty quick edge to edge with good energy. It does have an early rise tip but skis very traditional. FWIW, I liked it far better than the Rossi E88... much livelier for me. 

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Originally Posted by kkashkooli View Post

Any thoughts about how the Head Rev 105 compares to this year's Head Inferno? 

Pretty close in feel, although the Inferno has a bit of rocker in the tail and a slight turned up tail.  Main difference really is the radius: the Infero is more of a big-mountain feel at a 24m radius, the Rev 105 much quicker at 16m, but still good in big arcs at speed.  I would say the Inferno has slightly more top end, but the 105 works for more people, especially those that aren't super aggressive, or those that have as dialed of technical skills, while still being a top-end ski for good skiers. 


The Sacrifice 105 is the Inferno replacement.  Similar ski, but with a tighter radius.  Rock n' Roll comes back unchanged (which is great, as it is maybe the best ski on the market in the 90-100mm range for how and where I ski). 

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 head allride rev 2013
Längen (cm)
Sidecut (mm)/Radius (m)
REV 105
144-105-131 / 16.0 @ 181
REV 90
135-90-116 / 15.4 @ 170
REV 85 Pro
131-85-113 / 14.7 @ 170
REV 80 Pro
129-80-111 / 13.7 @ 170
REV 75
125-75-109 / 13.5 @ 170

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^^^^ So all of the REV's have the same basic construction, with i technology in the tip and a mild to moderate front rocker? Also would welcome some feedback on grip; have found some past Heads good on ice (iM82, iM88), others not so much (iM78, SuperShape, Mojo's, Peaks with flowflex).  


Monax, your English is a lot better than our French, I'd bet. He has a nice blog, folks, with lots of pics and more on slope info on 2013 models from various companies. 

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What are the differences between the new Rev 90 and the 2012 i.Peak 90?  Looks like some minor variations in dimensions/sidecut, but what are the other main differences?  Has anyone skied both that can share the on-snow differences in feel, terrain preference, etc.?

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era 3.0 is the first new rocker for the rev's skis...


better on slopes and off slopes!

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Trying to make sense out of the differences between the Pro and non-pro models. 5 cm isn't a lot, but the sizing ranges seem different. The 90 and 75 get weirdly short for a rockered ski. Different stiffness? Gender specific? 

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The REV 105 is great in fresh thicker snow

3/14/2012 Demo Day At Bogus Basin Idaho

6-8 inches fresh snowing all day.

It was a heavier fresh that was predictable and got heavier through the day till we were too tired to ski it anymore!

6 inches that you could ski like it was 3 feet of blower.



53 years old (who skis much younger)


188 lbs

Level 8-9? skier

Grew up racing then back country on straight old Epokes with single asolo boots etc. Was never a good Telemarker. I never worked too hard to become one. Just mostly paralleled in the back country.

First Shaped Ski was a K2 Four.

Loved them. But they were too long, 188cm, so it was difficult to ski in the tighter trees and I fell on my head a lot in powder. Great high speed carver.

Have enjoyed the Rossignol XX, B2, B3, and B4, Volant Super Karve and Power Karve.

Recent convert to Fatter skis.

My first 2 pair were light backcountry models an early K2 Mt. Baker and an Atomic Konger too stiff and planky. The reason I ski powder is it feels so good. Neither ski had much of that caressing feel.

And neither was any fun on anything hard either.


Then I tried some old Volant chubbs and loved them. They can't carve but as a soft snow ski still one of the best. Damp and smooth with that lovely caressing feel.


I now ski on a Scott Crusade and still love them. I've also skied the Scott Santiago a very nice ski as well. Surprisingly great powder ski though they are only 82mm under foot.

The Santiagos are an 82mm under foot ski with a Scott pro-tip (early Rise with a different shaped tip), trad camber and slightly turned up tail. I guess some companies are calling this All Mountain Rocker? They are a great all mountain ski on anything soft and firm groomers. The only gripe I've ever had about them is they have a higher pitched sound of the wood resonating that happens when the snow has any granular quality to it. And it did take some getting used to the "pro-tip early rise piece out there on harder snow flopping around. It doesn't effect performance in any way. They will be gripping just fine but the tip will be out there flopping along and letting you know it is ready for the soft stuff any time you need it! I've since learned that this is quite common. The Rev 105 has it but it's so dampened you barely feel it.

The Scott Crusades are still my favorite ski. Not early rise but the venturi tip and tail has a unflappable feel in the deep. Very stable and playful. They can carve quite well, cruise fast and confidently and they are really really great in the deep snow even if it's wet and thick. From firm to deep blower to slush a wonderful ski. The newest ones do have the Pro Tip so that might be interesting to try someday.


3/14/2012 I Skied the Rev 105 181cm in some 1) moderately thick smooth powder and 2) powder on top of bumps and 3) thicker heavier snow yesterday and LOVED them. Very smooth. They have a lot of that  caressing feel. Didn't have any hard snow to try a carve on. But they performed very well in thick heavy snow, both untracked and cut up. Very fun ski. I could feel the early rise tip flopping but it was very damp and not at all distracting. They felt like I had furry bunnies feet. Playful and smooth. I never felt like they couldn't make as quick a turn as i desired but they wen't hooky or anything but silky smooth.


I also demoed the Rock and Roll. Also a fantastic ski. I was really surprised when I took them back that they were 181s. They were so quick they felt much shorter. The guy looked at my 179 cm Scott Crusades and thought they would ski similar. But they were a centimeter or 2 longer and they were much quicker but also felt stable at speed and in longer turns. And they performed very well in the deep thick snow.  A really good all around ski. I'll bet they carve great too. Nothing to test them on yesterday.

Of the 2 I liked the Rev better. Just more my personality of ski. Sable, Fun, Playful, Smeary. Though they would need to carve well to please me all around. I'm not looking now, because I'm so pleased with the Scotts, but I'd be happy if they gave me a Rev!


My friend liked the Oblivion best ( I didn't get to try them) then I think the Rock and Roll and then the Revs. He liked all three better than his Salomon Guns.


Happy Turns!


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