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New skis, Head Peak,Titan,Icon TT advice needed?

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Hi all, i'm going to purchase some new ski's for my trip to Austria in a few weeks. I have always fancied a set of Head Monsters few years ago but never got around to buying them. I've now had a look & seen they do a Heak peak range which is it's predecessor. The model i looked at was the 78. But have seen some comments suggesting the model without the metal in is to flexible.

I'm 5Ft 11in, around 12 stone, (78kg) & I'm an intermediate level skier looking for a good ski to advance my skills. I do enjoy quite a fast ski, & tend to ski more on piste, but would like something that I can use for light off piste when there is fresh powder.

I was thinking 78cm under foot would be a good size and ound 165-170cm long for my eye level.

Does anyone know anything about the Head ski's & are there any good equivalents I should look at. The prices I've been looking at were around £330 with bindings for the Peak series. the titans look like a good ski but maybe a little out my price bracket. Not sure if they will be a bit to aggressive or not?


I've been advised to get a smaller radius ski around 13m to help add more turns & keep my speed in control on the steeper slopes, is this advisable?

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Personally, I find that (within reason), worrying about turn radius is a waste of time. It really only matters when the ski is on a fairly high angle and it is carving. At lower angles with a skidding component to the turn, it means relatively little and you could have a great time on skis from roughly 13m-17m or so.


The Head peak 84 is a superb ski but I have not skied the 78 so I can't comment. The Titan is also very very good but is a little biased toward hard snow and might be a bit more gun than you need for your ability.


Whatever you choose, I'd suggest raising your sights a little on length and consider up to a 175.



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hi, I don't mid going up a little as i'm on a 177 at the moment, why do you suggest going up in size?

What year of Head Peak 84 are you on and what are they like edge to edge on the piste? I've noticed some are flow ride and others aren't but not sure if thats something that changes year to year.

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I hesitate too between iPeak pro and iTitan. I'm 170 cm and "expert" level. Head reccomande me the iPeak in 171 cm and Titan in 163 cm. As Titan is more rigid it could be shorter.

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I made my choice saturday. They are I-Titan in 163 cm.

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whats the widths  and radius on the I titan and have you tried them yet?

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Hi Dan - I'm 210 and am 5'11 . I bought a Head iPeak 78 Pro and love it . It carves beautifully , holds a great edge , and is both stable and versatile in firm and soft snow . I highly recommend it to you .

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Titan is a 78 mm waist and is 12.4m radius in 163 and 13.5 at 170.  I would suggest 170 might be a better size.


If you ski more on hard pack than soft stuff the Titan is the better choice.  If the snow tends to be softer most of the time the Peak series gets the edge.


For thiose interested the REV series replaces the Peak series for 2012 and includes a slight rocker on the tips.



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The peak 78 is a great choice for multiple types of skiing.  Any of the Supershape models or the Icon TT800 is better on piste, but the Peak line is better off piste, and the Peak 78 an excellent do-it-all ski.


About ski length---With your size and ability level, consider a ski in the middle of the range of ski lengths.  Skis are made to be stiffer as they are made longer.  The longest ski in any ski line is made for the biggest, strongest skier on the mountain.  Most of us need a ski that responds to our inputs at a lower energy level.  In my case, for my size and energy level, I have had very good results with skis one size below the max for that line regardless of the actual measured length.  For the i.Peak 78 PR Pro, the 171 cm size would probably put a big smile on your face.


Have you checked the prices in Austria?  Check www.ebay.at or shops there.  Do you get a refund of the VAT?  The prices might be lower than U.K. prices.

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Tiredknees, I'm going to check to see if austria is cheaper than here when my friend passes on the name of a rental shop he knows, as for the VAT I'm not sure on that but maybe worth enquiring about. Both the TT 500, X-shape MTX & I Peak 78 have all been reduced in the last few days so might take some beating.


I think the Titan & magnum might be a little much for myself but I'm going to try a set in the fridge this week.

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ThE best prices on Head Peak skis can be found at www.levelninesports.com
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Anyone know if the iTitan or iPeak skis come flat, or do they all come with Railflex interface? I want to put a Marker Griffon on them so I can use my AT soled Dynafit boots (I already know from experience the Griffon works fine with my boots). As far as I know, there's not RF option for the Griffon, so I need to find a flat ski.

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Peaks do come flat. I picked up a pair of ipro 78's 177cm from level nine with a pr 11 binding and they are fantastic. Only got a chance to take them out on one weekend, mostly on some light powder, and mostly groomed runs and they were very easy, had a good edgehold and were decent in the bumps. Held speed well and made a nice variety of turn shapes. A little more versatile than my speed courses, but I bought those primarily for carvathon days on hard pack & ice. My regular ski is a dynastar speed course 178cm and the pro 78 in a 177cm is just right for the days I want to mix it up and head into bumps or trees. For the price, I highly recommend them.

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Are the bindings on those a system binding, or just screwed into the flat ski? Or can't you tell? I'd consider getting that ski and then just selling the clamps.

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They are the tyrolia(head Branded) PR 11 binding which looks like it is screwed on, o ntop of a very low type of plastic plate. It does not look like a railflex or anything like that. if you email level 9 they will be able to give you a better answer.

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Peak uses the railflex binding system.  Some of the Peak 78 pro come with no plate (or rail) and any binding can be surface mounted


Titan comes with the speed plate (I think that is name for what was formerly the Carve plate).  It is designed for FreeFlex bindings as it is not a rail system


I believe it is possible to remove the rail from Peak skis or the plate from Titans if you really want to go that way - but then you would have to buy another plate for your binding system for the titan and find a jig, etc ...  doesn't seem to be a great idea


Go with the Peak that comes with no rail if you want to surface mount and if you want titans buy a free flex binding



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This is the set up I bought. same binding that is described here.:


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After 15 days on the peak 78, I hate to say they have been a dissapointment. My initial feeling was that they would be a good alternate to my SC's.

 They are too soft for my size (200lbs) and do not hold a edge on hardpack and Ice very well. They also lose their tunes real quick. I always maintain my skis between tunes and the metal in these edges round off very quickly. I know Head makes great race boards, but i would be hard pressed to buy one of their all mountain skis again. The guy at my ski shop described the latest peak series as a 'disaster for Head" and he is happy they moved to the Rev series which supposedly is a better ski.

Live & learn.

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