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VIICE Squad was robbed!

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Attached are some pics of the one-of-a-kind skis that were stolen from one of our vehicles in front of the VIICE factory here in SLC, UT. I do not have a lot of the details on the soft goods taken,  other than they were 2 very rare red JCBC (Extremely high-end Rossignol brand ) Jackets, a POC full face helmet & goggle system, as well as the 4 pairs of custom-built VIICE skis with the Vist bindings.


3 pairs were of the La Nina NOAA weather pattern "The Goods"  - blizzard hitting the Wasatch front -  top sheet graphic- super custom...only 3 in the world. 2 pairs of 177's and a 197. One of the 177's has a red VIICE custom base, while the others are black (see attached pic). On the 197's the Vist bindings are orange.


The 4th pair stolen (also 177's) were the "Ghool" graphic topsheet. Black and white skull tattoo graphic with a black VIICE  base.


Here is the link from the story on Fox 13


Snowbird Public Safety informed me about ski trafficking to Vegas and California and surrounding states (and visa-versa). Any extra assistance would be great.These are one-of-a kind custom skis-if you see them - they are stolen!


You can see all that were stolen in the "Gas Pedal" section of "Skis"  at .


Thank you for your help - please pass this around. If you have any tips or information you can reach Scott Berry at (801) 560-4109 or SLC Unified PD at (801) 743-7000.LaNina.jpgVIICE Bases.jpg

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Post this on TRG's forum... 

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Thank you...I did. Hopefully the word will get around that these skis are out and about without us.frown.gif and gear...the stuff that was all taken was super will not be hard to miss. Thank you for the extra eyes.
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Really sorry to hear that.  Hope they catch the SOB.

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Thread Starter too. The fact that someone would rip off skis that were one of a kind unfortunately makes me think that the guys who did it have no idea what they have. We will see. Hopefully they will show up eventually. The Berry's are the nicest peope, and this is a huge hit for them as a company. Small businesses, especially in the ski industry are fighting for recognition against the big boys and in the mean time dumping everything they have into it. I told them I would do everything I could to help them - thank you for the extra eyes. It is much appreciated. The other thing is to spread the word among businesses in the valley to check their never know.

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