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Racing anyone?

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Well, sprummer's here at last (not quite spring, not quite summer) so...time for me to work on my other hobby. I'm probably gonna work on modding my Volvo 240 turbo (1984) and take it to the public race courses and stuff. Does this count as a sport?

Anyhow, i'm probably sporting anywhere from 230-255bhp on the original stock engine at this moment (inline 4 cyl engine...impressive eh?). Anyone else interested in working on their old volvos and trading info? or racing them? or interested in racing them with me?

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That's pretty good HP from an old Volvo.

Do you post on the Volvo "Birckboard"?

Sports car racing and rallying is pretty dead here in NJ so it's more of an effort than it's worth. My own car is a 190 hp XC Cross Country, quick enough, but the suspension is way too soft for spirited driving.

Keep posting on the results.
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I lurk on brickboard and turbobricks.org if that answers your question.

realize that C70's and S80's are recent volvos which sport 230+hp stock I like the shape of the old volvo 240s which came with like 125bhp stock....maybe 140bhp with an intercooler and turbo The recent volvo engines are about...2-3yrs old tops...i'm workin with engines well over 15 yrs old hahahaha. I have a friend who's been able to pull 400 horses+ on an I-4 engine. You should get an old volvo for about $1200 and tinker around with it...it becomes an expensive habit...that and skiing...well....i'm constantly scrounging money one way or another...even if that means collecting pennys But give it a try...i think you'll love it...especially when you're driving a 15 yr old "family" car and smoke a vette or one of those "rice" rockets

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SORT OF pertinent....

Check out the very last page of the current (May/June) issue of SKI magazine. There's a very brief blurb-page on Buddy Lazier, 1996 Indy 500 winner, who grew up in Vail, where his parents built, managed and lived in the Tivoli Lodge. He still skis "40 days a year."

Quoting Lazier: "The consequences of a mistake in motor racing are large, and we're racing for two to three hours. In ski racing you're only racing for 60 to 90 seconds...

...The ski industry has been very good to us. I love the family atmosphere of the sport. I was born and raised on the mountain, and now I'm blessed to raise my son on the mountain. He started skiing at 22 months."

Start 'em up.

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As soon as this chasis is high miled, I'd like to take it up to New Hampshire and see if a Paul Newman conversion is possible on an XC. If not, then I'll probably invest in some of the chips and wastegate stuff.

Right now being a family man and all, I've got to keep the car stock and maintain the warranty.

You are fortunate being from California in that there is still a "car culture" alive. About the onyl thing you see in NJ is a bunch of fools with bolt on exhaust conversions and "white" tail lights thinking they are hot.
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ROFL!!! we have those over here too man...you should see the broke stuff people do to their cars over in CA...body kits that make their cars look literally like ships out of star wars/star trek, huge ass exhausts with no engine to use it...clear taillights/weird ass tail lights etc...pretty sad....I guess NJ and CA are pretty similar in that sense...speaking of NJ, you're not from the hackensack or bergenfield area are you?
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I'm from the Flemington (where??), west central and still half rural but changing fast. Most of New Jersey was rural 25 years ago but a New York explosion has hit hard.
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Car racing is mos def (most definetly) a sport. My freind and I have a joke about our "Ghetto toyota rally squad" ( I have a cressida, she has a camry)
Personally, out of all the cars I've driven my favorite has to be the mercedes 2001 SLK 230.. I can pul a u-turn anywhere.. But I also REALLY like scoobys (subarus)
Last Wednsday my freind and I went out driving in the country... considering we're both only 16, we didn't go to fast (top speed was like 105mph)
Its real funny being like the ONLY girl that knows a thing or two about cars
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Hell yes, it's a sport. I miss hanging out with the SCCA. I used to work summers at Brainerd Int'l Racepark in MN, back in the late 70's- early 80's.

Saw Paul Newman win his first pro race there, in a 200sx. We were amazed he beat all thos screaming Maxda Rx-3's, remember those.

Never personally raced, but got to play on the track and did a little Autocross back then... I was really into Opel Mantas, and had a couple of them hopped up pretty good!

Saw a nice example of an Opel GT the other day, got me misty-eyed.

Now I zip and play around corners running two Metzler tires, instead of four Pirellis or Toyo's.

But I keep looking at how inexpensive a 944 or a MR2 might be.

After all the SPORT is in the turning, and g-forces, ain't it?

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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