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Whistler - March 1-12

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Unlike some of my more recent trip, I came via a reasonable route to WB, only going via San Diego and San Francisco first.


Arrived in Van on Tuesday, and there were some freshies up on Grouse:




Arrived on the 1st which was a beautiful bluebird day. Hung out in the village and just enjoyed doing nothing but unpacking the quiver(s) and getting the room ready for the week








Yesterday was up on the hill and well, it wasn't so great, the visibility was the usual Whistler braille-ski consistency. Took the P2P over to Blackcomb to try to get below the clouds, fog, etc, but no luck;




Got an early heads-up from Mountain Host bud that today wasn't looking so hot (P2P and Peak chair didn't open), so I hung out, then went to Fanatyko and bought another pair of skis. Oh well.


Weather tomorrow and Monday looks like LOTS of snow, with some clearing after. Can't wait to get charging on the BMX108's when it comes.



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So, now it's Monday, and it was puking yesterday (and today). Overall, Good news, and not so good news:


First, the teachers in BC decided to have a strike. A strike just happening to coincide with a powder day - how unthoughtful. As patrol was bombing the hill for a while, first the green chair sucked , then, prior to the opening of Symphony, this was the result at Harmony - YOU KIDS SHOULD  BE IN SCHOOL!




OK, with Symphony opening it took the pressure off, and the lines thinned out. How were the conditions? Glad you asked - they were outstanding. Here's a friend coming through the Symphony trees:




The sun came out for a few minutes to be able to see the other side:


stitch of Blackcomb.jpg


So thinking that Blackcomb might be the place to be, we zipped over to the P2P, however this is what it was like, which continued for the rest of the afternoon:




So, we fooled around on Blackcomb for a while, then went down to Creekside for a couple of drinks. The snow continued to come down hard until about 5:30, and tomorrow's supposed to be clear, so it could be a great day.

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Wow that looks amazing. Please continue sharing your experience on the thread. Would really love to be there

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Thanks for the TR!,


I can't wait to get there Thursday :)

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OK, so, as advertised the sun came out at Whistler today. How was it? Well, this is a reasonable approximation (you're not in Vermont anymore Toto)-




So that ^ was a warm-up run. Were'd we go after that? Here was one place -





This was another -




In spite of the fact that WB is immense (8200 acres inbounds), some people are never satisfied, and this is the hiking out of Blackcomb Glacier to get the goods OB ( you're REALLY not in VT now, no matter how hard you try to believe):




So later in Blackcomb Glacier, here's my bud Stephen catching the goods with friend Claire:




So anyway, tomorrow's supposed to be colder, meaning that the snow may dry out more (it's already Utah-like blower pow), so the next couple of days look good.


Report back shortly.

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So, yesterday was supposed to be nice - it wasn't. Today was supposed to be marginal - it also wasn't:


Looking at the peak.jpg


In fact, mid afternoon it was pretty pleasant at the top of Whistler.


Whistler Thursday Aft -2.jpg


And I managed to find some freshies in here after some searching out:



Blackcomb Glacier.jpg


Looked something like this -




So, more freshes are on their way starting tonight for the next 3 days, so it'll be time to whoop it up!


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Awesomeness! Keep them coming.
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Well, it's time to go home (for a little while), so how were the past couple of days - right, like the sign says "Powder Everywhere"




Unfortunately a combination of great forecast, weekend and BC school break conspired to make Harmony a bit of a gong show, but having to stay close in because of check out time meant having to deal with this - 




But - how good was it? Well, even a yeti decided to come out and play -




And for us normal folk, it wasn't so bad either -


Cliffs Stretch.jpg


Lapping Harmony worked very well, since it was blowing big time at the top, so every run tracks got filled from the windblown off McConkey's in, so it was like having untouched every run - 




Even the clouds broke from time to time so the vis wasn't completely hopeless, and the scenery was Whistleresque:


Harmony stretch.jpg


So, time to go back to FL for a few days and enjoy the beach, sunshine and a sailboat. One more WB planned before the season's finished.




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Just an fyi, we (my 9 year old and I) are planning to be in WB, from April 6 through April 14, so if you are inclined to ski with an intermediate middle aged guy, for part of the day, do let me know, PM is fine.


great pics by the way.

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Love to, but my next WB trip is April 18-23.

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The snow was so good there Fri-Mon. Soooo good. A meter and a half in the past week, more all weekend, really the nicest skiing I've had anywhere all year. The bumps were soft, the snow was dry. *sigh* It was our 4th trip of the year and that should be it but if the snow and cold temps keep up, I might not be able to resist, esp now that I have my Nexus card.

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Well Christy, if you are in the vicinity, am glad to with you and friends, we are there April 6 am to April 14 afternoon! now just need the snow luck to continue. For now, this year is matching last year's snowfall from what I can tell. Is it dry powder like last year?

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Well, scheduled trip to SLC cancelled (3rd time this season!) due to dismal forecast, and rescheduled back to Whistler 25-31 March, as well as 18-24 April- anyone around then?
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Snofun3 - give me career advice, what do you do that permits you to ski out west 3 times in one season, weeks at a time. Run a hedge fund which is on autopilot perhaps ? CIA on leave ? Pray counsel !-)


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Originally Posted by dustyfog View Post

Snofun3 - give me career advice, what do you do that permits you to ski out west 3 times in one season, weeks at a time. Run a hedge fund which is on autopilot perhaps ? CIA on leave ? Pray counsel !-)


Have customers in the right places, and have them understand that they'll see more of you during the winter biggrin.gif, and work for a European company that gives good vacation.


So far it's Whistler x 5, Utah x 1, and a couple of others thrown in for good measure. Back to WB 18-24 April, then again early May and I think it'll be done. I always love the "what do you know, you're in Florida" from some dweeb infesting some least coast berm - I know a lot more than they do apparently.


Wedding anniversary next week so I have to go home and take the wife to the Keys to go diving, and it's still dumping in Whistler - damn! Maybe a good airline strike (all of them please) and I could get away with it. Maybe.


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great pictures and you have earned yourself a good life! mazeltov.

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