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Touring in alpine boots?

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Hello everyone, 



I've been freeriding and tourskiing for a couple of years now, but I have always rented my AT boots since I only own alpine boots. This winter I've been looking at some lines in skiresorts in Austria that can only be reached by hiking uphill. So I was wondering if it is possible to make small tours in alpine boots, or are AT a must have? Right now I own the Fisher Soma-x 110 boots. 

Thanks in advance. 

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i could NOT tour in alpine boots. some folks can. even minor pressure points when walking can ruin your trio when you hike too much. also, the stride in alpines s quite awkward, imho. 


i do it the other way around, i ski everything in AT boots. 

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 I'm all about the decent.  I'll hike/tour up to an hour in alpine boots.



I'll probably be looking at some of the hybred boots in the next couple of years.

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Yes, you can definitely tour in downhill boots, it just won't be as comfortable by far. They also tend to be heavier. 

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Sure, you can hike in alpine ski boots, but if you've been doing this for a few years, isn't it time to buy yourself some AT gear? Alpine ski boots are no fun for hiking; period. Unless you are a racer, the downhill performance of modern, well-fitted AT boots is pretty much equal to that of alpine boots these days. Most of the pro ski patrollers around here wear AT boots only, and they are better downhill skiers than I will ever be.

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I used to tour in race boots when I was younger and it was fine. Uncomfortable but tolerable. I've been on 3+ hour tours in alpine boots. You should be fine if you just unbuckle them all the way and pull your pant gaiter all the way down over your buckles. Probably time to get an crossover boot though. I'm on a pair of titans that I stiffened with a shim and booster strap that are great.

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It really depends on how much vertical you're planning to hike/skin. Are you talking a half hour boot up to a line, or are you looking at 3-4+ hours? Is skinning in the equation? Booting up steep stuff, or working a ridge line? Are you going to be crossing exposed ground or rock? AT boots are much lighter, and if you combine it with a Dynafit binding, you'll have a rig that's half the weight of your alpine skis/boots/bindings and will perform very well. Can you tour in alpine boots? Sure, but it isn't fun. If it's side'ish country (up to 1 hour or a little more), then there are a number of 'alpine' boots marketed for 'backcountry' that have a walk mode. 


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I tour in Nordica SpeedMachine 14s with no discomfort. I do day trips with them with nary a hotspot or touch of pain. I'm not making do. I like the fit, comfort and performance.
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I have also simply snowed showed. Involves carrying quite a bit of extra weight especially when you use heavy non touring skis but is doable. I climbed and skied a 14er that way.  

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