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1966 rockers?

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Check these two photos.  They are from a copy of a 1966 Skiing Magazine and they show a list of skis which were tested for their reviews.  Unfortunately not all of the skis listed had their reviews printed in this edition, but if you look at the end of the list you will notice that it shows skis from Werntz called "Rocked Camber."  There is no information in the magazine about them, but does this mean that the first rockers came out long ago?  Does anyone know anything about them?





IMG_2747.JPG 1,428k .JPG file





IMG_2748.JPG 1,072k .JPG file



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Snow Ski For Making Fast Turns.Here is a drawing of the patent application. I can't seem to get the whole thing. Google 'werntz ski' scroll down and download PDF 3212787.


werntz 002.jpg



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