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It's a sad day when the 'off-season sports' moved to the top..

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Enough said..
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ha ha..

maybe we should change the name to epicsports and then have forums for every thing.
boy wouldn't that be a nightmare for AC.
Thanks for the laugh.
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It was a sad thing for me to do -- but hey, summer is fun too!

dchan, I have actually thought of that (making this a collection of forums for outdoor sports). The administration would not be the problem, but rather getting each forum with a largely different user base jump-started. There is nothing more lonely than an empty forum.
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Wabbit season.
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Duck season.
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Twang.......Hay bale!
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Oh my GOD! That was *too* funny Ryan and Mescalero!!!!!

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet.... I'm hunting wabbits.
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Leave the rabbits alone! Shoot the ducks. They climb onto the swimstep of my boat when it's parked in the marina and poop.
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And they drink my beer. How else to explain all the empties?
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Wait a minute...Let's not forget all of our friends Down Under. It is ski season for them right now!!!

TwoKiwis, please let us know how the season progresses down there.
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I'm drinking a Foster's right now. Does that count?
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Here, here...A frosty Foster's toast to ski season down under-woo hoo!!!

Milesb, I do have a question for you relating back to the Scientist Bill debaucle.
A grocery clerk with a boat??? vewy intewesting.<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by SkiMinker (edited May 03, 2001).]</FONT>
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It pays pretty well in LA due to a strong union. And I work 6 days a week. And my wife works. And we have no kids. Hence the boat.
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no kids? Maybe you should adopt some ducks?? They seem to really like hanging out on the boat!
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I agree that it is a sad day when this category moves to the top. I'm heading to Mt. Bachelor today for a week. Just hope the snow doesn't melt first.
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Dear God:

If you are listening, please bring back the snow and the winters cold.

Don't you see what this warm stuff is doing to them.................

How can you/he/she be so cruel?
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It's still too early for snow. Some of the fields with snow making should open early June. Unless you have a seasons pass, I don't think there is any skiing worth handing over $ for until mid July. Seasons were really screwed here last year, the snow came late just like in BC and Alberta this year.

We have our local ski show this weekend, the first sign of winter on its way. Will keep you all posted, and will be my turn to make you all jealous If mother nature is kind to us)
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Could be worse.. you could be living in Florida
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When it's scorching outside I find it easier to ride then sit around. I'd certainly rather be doing anything else but what I am doing now. Try writing exams in a humide 32 degrees without air conditioning. Well I guess you've all had to do that one time in your life at least.
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ah gravity stop your whining, its been cold and rainy/snowy all week in Denver. The entire rest of the country is having spring and summer and we are stuck with weather more suited to November!

A-Basin should be good but alas no time for it this weekend.

Oh please bring the sun, I feel like I am living in Seattle.
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no Gravity I was whining. No Sun, No Mountains this weekend. who can blame me?
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Back to the rabbits.. Leave them rabbits alone!!!!
Miles has a bunny!

MR Ducks
MR Not
CM Wings
Y I Be
MR Ducks!
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yea its sunny!
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