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books on tuning

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I see alot of posts about tuning. I Am looking for a book on advanced tuning. I have the basics down but would love a new "complete manual" Does anyone know of any? Is there such a thing?

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There were a bunch of books on tuning mentioned in this recent thread. Are you familiar with these?

When you get to the highest levels of tuning (ie, for high level racers), a lot of the technique and concoctions brewed seem to be in the category of black magic. I've seen quite a few articles that highlight snippets from the craft of such tuning wizards, but I don't think I've ever seen their full bag of tricks covered in book format. Probably Helluva or one of the other racers here would know best what's available in this format. If they don't respond in this thread, you can always send them a private msg.

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Maybe you already found this; it is a good resource. The best book is "World Class Ski Tuning" by Michael Howden. The Swix alpine manual is also good. Seth Masia's book is too general, but my copy is at least 15 years old. I don't know if it has changed. The Tognar catalog and website have plenty of good tips. The rest you have to learn by doing. Less is more?!

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I agree that Seth Masia's book while very good is rather dated with regard to some tuning techniques. In addition to Tognar and Swix, has a very good video done by the owner Scott Holmer as well as online tuning and waxing basics. I believe that Toko also has an online version of their tuning manuel. For years I used to just wax my skis and took them to the shop for edge and base work. Last season I just started doing all my own tuning (except for stone grinding). It is really kind of enjoyable. Good Luck. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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