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My best friend and her boyfriend got engaged this weekend and are looking for the perfect place to honeymoon. They are looking for a lovely place with climbing and sailing relatively close to each other. Maybe there a place where they can climb cliffs over looking the ocean??

I'd prefer somewhere in the greater N. Cal area so they could visit me aftewords, but if you happen to know of the "perfect" outdoorsy adventure honeymoon spot, anywhere, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!
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I know someone here must have some ideas. You guys always know what I am looking for!! Does such a place not exist??<FONT size="1">

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The only place I ever climbed near the water is at Cochiti Lake in New Mexico. It's between Santa Fe and Albuquerque...I don't think I'd honeymoon there though....
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What type of sailing are they into? If they are windsurfers I would recommend Hood River, Oregon which has Mt. Hood real close for climbing. If they have a day sailor look around the Redding, CA area which is close to Mt. Shasta & other places to climb and has a few nice lakes to the west.
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If you are looking for ocean front climbing does that mean they plan to do their sailing on the ocean. That's not usually very relaxing. Just a thought.
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They are pretty hardcore and definitely not the types to do a lazy honeymoon! I am sure they will want open water ocean sailing as they are both big time into it. So any ideas (even with camping) work.

Don't think of it as a honeymoon, think of it as an...adventure vacation. If you were to go on an adventure vaction with climbing and open water sailing and camping at night (although a B&B would be fine) where would you go??
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If they want open water sailing they should head to the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound. They can then take a couple days and head to the Cascades for some climbing.
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How about Australia/NZ?
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JohnH-Do you know of any place in particular down under? I am going to forward all the suggestions to her. The more, the better!
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reed manor in mendicino. B&B. Great little town, boat docks and launches near by but it may not have enough hard core climbing near by. lots of hiking areas though. wonderful romantic area.
There are also a lot of nice camp sites in the area including some that are accessible by boat only.

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Sorry, Minker, I don't. Never been there. However, I was watching something on the tube the other day about a climber who was hit in the head by a falling rock while climbing some spire in NZ (I think - if not, it was Aus.). The spire was on the coast, where you actually had to get wet to get to the base of it. It was pure vertical, a few hundred feet high. They seemed to have some very serious climbing right on the coast. I'm sure twoKiwis might have better info. Or if ColinDownUnder is lurking around, maybe he could help.

Oh... one thing I do remember, that made it nice, was the clear blue water. Not the stuff we get along the US coast.

Is there any good climbing in Hawaii, on Kawai or one of the other little islands?<FONT size="1">

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I'd suggest a week at the Whale Watch Inn. I can't remember the small town it's near but my wife and I stayed there for our 10th anniversary and it's VERY nice. The rooms are phenomenal and many have a private hot tub on the deck. They bring a HUGE breakfast to your room each morning in a big basket.

The Inn sits way up on a cliff overlooking a private beach. In addition to the beach stuff, this is an excellent place for sea/river kayaking. The Russian river hits the pacific nearby and allows you to kayak either.

We only spent a weekend there but the recreational potential is huge. Running, hiking, cycling, boating, etc.

Found the link:
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I know this post is OLD but I just ran across it and know the spot. If it's not too late let me know and I'll fill you in otherwise sorry I found this so late and I'll keep my secret spot to myself.
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If your friends want a huge adventure and have some cash then Lord Howe Island & Balls Pyramid may be the place.

Lord Howe is in the pacific Ocean and so there is extra expense to get there from the mainland.

Sydney city itself has fantastic sailing, inexpensive world class yacht charters and huge ocean side cliff climbs that you can access on the public transport system i.e the bus. There is also a massive number of cheap and clean hostel accomodation.

The following URL is for a very good inexpensive adventure\backpacker travel service in Sydney.

Remember the US\Oz exchange rate is 2 Oz for 1 US dollar so Oz is way cheap for Yanks.

Too many choices.


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San Francisco. Great sailing and potential for climbing abounds. TransAmerica building, Bay Bridge, Mr. Coit's last errection and many others.
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