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Denver side trip

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OK Denverites, is the Colorado Railroad Museum worth a ½ day? If not we'll probably go back to the Museum of Nat History, (did the zoo last year).


We have an afternoon on Monday before we go on up to the high country on Tuesday AM, (it greatly helps us with altitude adjustment to stay the first night in Denver).


Thanks all!



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Been a while, my kids are older now, but did this when either we moved to Denver in 2004 or lived in Co Springs 99-01, just can't recall.  If you like trains, or esp. if you have kids that love trains (was an age related thing in our family). it was a fun couple of hours.  Weather here in Denver area has been pretty temperate this year, but don't know when you are hitting DIA. 


They tie in well to the region with some unique train tech that was for the mining/mountains i believe, so you get more of a local angle (if i recall the place correctly) than for instance at the big place in Scranton PA. 


It is pretty convenient in Golden, and you could always tie it in with a Coors tour for instance.  Or you could run up to Eldora and sample a smaller Co is only about 40 minutes from Golden...and still sleep at Denver altitude that night.  They have pretty good coverage this year.

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Colorado Railroad Museum is an excellent collection of equipment mainly geared towards the mountain roads, with lots of narrow gauge.


It is kind of geared towards railroad buffs, in that it is pretty limited in terms of exhibits and explanation- there isn't a lot of explanation as to why the equipment is notable, where it was used, etc.


Basically, it is a big yard full of engines, Galloping Geese, and rolling stock, ranging from perfectly restored to absolutely rotted away. But, you either are a railbuff and know exactly what you are looking at (and feel like you are walking on hallowed ground), or just like to look without caring about the history of what you are looking at.


If you know a little bit about Colorado railroads, don't expect to learn much more by visiting the museum. Its not really the kind of place that explains much to you.


And I will second the Coors tour. Protip: If you aren't terribly interested in taking the tour, just show up and ask for the "short tour" which consists of the tasting room and three free beers for each drinker. I don't know how bars in Golden stay in business.

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