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Amazingly Close Call in Baker BC

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avatar4.jpgEveryone should read the following and heed the lessons.  Written by Duncan Howatt, part owner and Operations Manager for the Mt. Baker Ski Area.


You can find this at  Just scroll down past the snow report.



Sunday January 29, 2012

Hello Backcountry Users:

As part of the on-going process of sharing valuable information regarding backcounty travel and practices, we want to share an extraordinary (and very lucky) story of one man’s overnight survival ordeal last night in the backcountry/wilderness areas near Mt. Baker Ski Area.  For the sake of fellow skiers and snowboarders, we would also like to in list your help to not be bashful when you see someone who appears “out of place” in the backcountry because they most likely are!  Some people simply go beyond the ski area boundaries into the backcountry with little clue what to expect, without proper equipment or partners, with no information about snowpack or avalanche conditions and with no idea of their route or a safe way back to the ski area and need your help.

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I don't see the article at the bottom of the snow report page, just nice photos.

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