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I did a search but didn't see anything posted recently so forgive me if this is redundant.


I'm looking for recommendations for Avalanche Training and Backcountry Ski Guides in Tahoe.  I've found a couple from online searches and a friend recommended Sugar Bowl's Backcountry Center but would prefer to hear from folks here that have had good experiences with others. If it exists, would prefer a 1:1 guiding experience for a buddy and myself.  So if there's particular individuals or companies that you know of that would work with us that is ideal. 


We've got some goals for hitting various BC and Ski Mountaineering spots over the next few years but want to start out with the right knowledge/training and at a smart pace.


I'm also planning on calling the helpful folks at Start Haus and some other local shops for their recommendations as well.


Thanks in advance and Cheers.