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Where to find edge angles?

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Kastle was nice enough to show the edge angles in there tech data, but I couldn't find any published angles for Line or Volkl.  Does anyone know where I can find that info?  Specifically, 2012 Line MPO and 2012 Volkl Aura.  I don't trust myself to measure it and know the difference between 0.5 and 1 or 1 and 2 deg.

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To be honest, I would no trust the angles to be what they tell you.  Best bet is to leave the base alone and purchase a file guide for the angle you want to ski.  Use the guide to cut in that angle and stick with that. 


If you need a hand with tools, please let me know... 

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Thanks for responding.  I usually don't, but I didn't want to mess around too much and do something I couldn't reverse.  I don't have old skis to practice on.   I'm new to this and don't have someone I know to show me either, so I've gathered info from here and there, watched some videos.  I feel like I know enough now about tuning to know that I don't know very much.  I think I'll start with a stone to debur and try to just keep them sharp.  I have a 92 and 93 deg file guide if I feel daring.  Do you mean to leave the base edge alone or the entire base alone?

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I believe all  Line skis have a 1 degree base and 1.5 degree edge angle and for Volkl it is 1 degree base and 2 degree edge. Leave the base edge alone.

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I think you mean 88 and 87 degree guides.


Leave the bases alone, until you need a base grind.  When you need a base grind, specify what base angle to put on it (I like 0.5, but can get along with the more common 1 degree base without any problems).


Bigger base requires a little more deviation from flat to get it engaged and is less "instant-on" and a littler more forgiving. 


Use your guide to sharpen the side angle.  Use the angle you like.  I like 3 degrees for carving arc-2-arc, but left a couple pair at stock and found 2 or even 1 makes it much easier to fine tune a drifting turn on hard snow at initiation. 


Combined, the two angles make the edge more acute.  A more acute edge digs into ice better.


If you're not sure what you like, try the stock setting; they chose it for the reason that most of their customers prefer it for the skiing they do.

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The TOGNAR Catalog has some of the basics on base angles.   Also do a search on your ski on google, it may be listed somewhere.


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Don't touch your base edges until you know why you need to do it and how. Do they ski fine? Don't fix 'em. Regarding side edges, they are super easy experiment and to switch angles in a few minutes. For powder and soft snow, the bevel angle is not a concern, it's for the crust, ice and hard pack. 3°/93°/87° is grippier and 2°/92°/88° is smoother for featuring to the edge. YMMV and find what works best for you by trying both angles on your skis and various conditions where you ski.

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I suspect Alpinord defnintely knows better than me.  however, here's a link to Volkls FAQ and it lists the details you are looking for.



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Black sharpie along the edge then lightly pass over the edge with a guide and stone/diamond/file. There's your edge.
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Thank you all for your help and comments.  They ski great, so I don't plan on doing anything to the base.  Oldschool, thanks for the link.  Your google must be better than my google.

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