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Back-country/side-country boots

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I recently bought a pair of Kastle FX 94s (very much helped by the discussions and reviews on this site) for trips into the back-country and side-country.  I will mostly be using them for powder days at my home resort in the French Alps (La Clusaz) where there is some great off-piste skiing accessible with 20-60 min of hiking, traversing, skinning.  Also may do occasional trips with them to Chamonix or US WC.  I've put Marker Baron bindings on them so have the option of touring mode.  I'm not expecting to do multi-day touring on this set-up as even though the FX94s are reasonably light, the FX94s+Barons are together a fair bit heavier than a pure touring set up.  I pay some price on the ascents, but the downhill performance of the FX94s+Barons is excellent.


However I recently did a day of back-country with two friends both on lighter pure back-country set ups (e.g. Motion skis, Dynafit bindings, Garmont boots) and they really zipped up the ascents compared to me and seemed to have an easier time in variable conditions and cruddy snow.  They both commented that my high, stiff, heavy Salomon X-Wave 10 boots were probably holding me back.  They've been great boots (had 'em 8 years) paired w my GS skis for on-piste, but for off-piste they are pretty heavy for the ascents, no walk mode, no grip on the soles (a safety issue in some spots), and pretty stiff for the descents.


I'm 6ft 2, 180 lbs, 49 yrs old, an ex-racer and historically have been in close fitting, high, stiff race type boots.  So I'm looking for boots to pair w my FX94/Baron set-up for use in powder and back-country.  Ideally I'd like something that is close fitting, precise and responsive (can't stand sloppy feeling boots), but lighter weight and a good flex pattern for pow, crud, trees and other back-country conditions.  Again this is really for day trips and short-medium ascents into back-country rather than multi-day touring.


Boots I've looked at on the web include the Dynafit Titan TF-X, Salomon Quest Pro Pebax, and Scarpa Typhoon.  I'm going to go try some boots on and hope to get something in the end of season sales, but probably won't be able to demo.  So any recommendations greatly appreciated!!!

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try boots on and see what fits YOU.    the Xwave was about a 100mm boot, so not that "tight and racey" but if it worked for you then the quest is the same basic shape as the impact, and that was the wave replacement.   Try the next size down from your current boots as well.  lots of people go down one size in that boot.


also check out the technica cochise.  another option, but again, only if it fits you.



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Thanks Dave, appreciated and the link to your boot fitting post was very helpful.

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