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When I look in skishops, I have a really hard time judging helmets. A lot of the expensive helmets look good, and honestly, most cheap helmets are ugly. But that's not the thing. I just have a hard time figuring if the pricy helmets are expensive for their looks, or because they can really help you against a hole in your head when greeting the mountainsides. And I doubt any shopowner would willingly let you test whether the helmet will help or not, before you buy it. So how do you know what is worth the money?


I have been looking a lot on the Smith Holt helmet, but it's out of stock in my size in all shops near me. Also, the POC has been praised most of the places I go, and by most people I know, who has one. But it's just so cool and expensive (But I am willing to pay the price if it is worth it), that I honestly can't help being a bit sceptical whether you are paying for the looks/brand or the actual safety. Do you guys know from personal experience, that any kind of helmet (As in, no matter the prize and brand) is worth it? I am planning on using it for big mountain skiing/Similar skiing, and I expect to fall a bit.


My current helm is also quite "high" in the front, meaning I get a brain-freeze everytime the wind and cold is up. Maybe you guys know a helmet that also prevent this problem? Or maybe my goggles are just very small.