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Commuting by boat

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Whoops!.....Sorry,...um, that would be called "taking the summer off"!
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Actually there are people around the Chesapeake Bay that do commute (or partially commute) by boat. Then again, you could be a commercial fisherman (they just call them Watermen around here) and your office would be on a boat.
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My great grandmother "commuted" by boat. She was said to have held the record for passenger Atlantic steamship crossings.

She constantly stayed in motion between the homes of her two sons. One, in New Jersey and the other in Youghal, Ireland.

I have an old news article that said the captains considered her presence to be a sure sign of calm seas.
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Does the Staten Island Ferry count?
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Just out of interest (sparked by a Counting Crows song) - where is Chesapeake Bay? Is it beautiful?
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Johnny Boy,

Mid Atlantic, US east coast. Think Washington DC. DC sits on the Potomac River, which is a large tributary to the Chesapeake. It's not large, by any means, up by DC, but as you go south, it gets quite large. The Chesapeake is the largest inland estuary in the US. Maryland surrounds it on all sides, except for a small portion which Virgina has some shoreline, just before it dumps into the Atlantic. It is *extremely* beautiful. Considered the sailing capital of the world. I think there are more sailboats on the Cheasapeake than residents. There's lots of stuff on the 'net about it. The US Naval Academy sits right about in the middle, in Annapolis.

Here's a picture of the Chesapeake Bay Bridges. They are at the narrowest part of the Bay (4.3 miles). The mouth of the Chesapeake is about 15 miles wide. I think it's about 50+ miles long

</img><FONT size="1">

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Yes, the bottom is pretty much mud, but it does not stink. Shallow is a relative term. It averages only about 15 feet. The deepest parts are about 100-150 feet, and lots of the major tributaries are around 10 feet. But that's enough water to keep it from stinking. If you know the bay from 20+ years ago, it has gotten MUCH cleaner, and a lot of the sea life has come back. Except the crabs, because they are being over-fished.
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Lots of commuting by boat in Seattle.

To Pierre, Suttons Bay, eh...do you ever get up to Leelanau County over the summer ?
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