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Nordica Patron, Blizzard Bodacious, Gunsmoke and Cochise, Dynastar Cham 97 - short tests

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*Location of review: Mt Rose

*Runs Taken: Lots! split up between 5 different skis (6 counting my own)

*Snow Conditions: Day 2 at the gathering. Day after a big dump with lots of fresh wind loading.

*Demo or Purchase: Demo, thanks to the Gathermeister


Me: 165lb. Reasonable skier (for an old guy!)  Competitive Masters Racer, typically 50+ days a year on snow.  Like to drive the ski from the tip, and lay it over in big fast GS turns so no noodles wanted!.

Boot:  Atomic RT TI 130


Current Quiver:

Lots of  Race stock skis (not really relevant to this test I guess!)



185 Blossom Hook

184 Blizzard The One

181 and 188 Blizzard Titan 9


Previously Owned Free-ski

185 Praxis Powder

184 Blizzard Answer

185 Nordica Blower


My test objectives: Identify a potential 100-120 waist ski for powder days (just like this!) that could work in trees and chutes but still reasonable on the groomers if required (the biggest downside of the Praxis Powder which filled the bill otherwise)


Nordica Patron 185


Rocker tip and tail with traditional camber, no metal, 113 waist.  Jumped on this and first run was in my favorite post-storm tree stash.  Still lots of fresh tracks as well as chopped up junk.  Initiates very easily, can drive the tip or smear the turn whichever is your preference, smooth ride through the junk, tip stays up well. Next run they dropped the ropes on the Chutes so dived in (trying to avoid the bony entrance in deference to the demo skis).  Again, really sweet, just think turn and they respond, good float and no problem with porpoising.  On the way back to change over let them rip in GS turns and (which surprised me) good grip, minimal chatter  from the tip and was able to lay them over without worrying about tip wash out .    Overall - I really liked this ski, lots of energy, good "feel", versatile (again relative to width)  not as one dimensional as a lot of skis in this category.  Definitely on my short list!


Blizzard Range

as a long time (pre-viral!) Blizzard fan and with 5 pairs in the current quiver I was looking forward to trying some of these and had high expectations


Blizzard Gunsmoke 186:

140/114/130mm, 23r, no metal, flipcore. First took it into some big soft bumped up junk.  Worked OK but harder to initiate than the patron, definitely had to push it more.  Soaked up the terrain OK,  Found some soft stuff still around and it felt like less float than I had expected but not a full test.  On the smoother stuff, once you got it up on edge, tracked and held like a wide GS ski, plenty stable, felt like a bigger radius than 23.  Didn't feel like taking it into the trees or chutes, just not lively or responsive enough for me.  Felt like a  bigger, heavier ski than the Patron.  So, overall OK, but didn't do it for me, a bit too dead


Blizzard Bodacious 186

radius: 32.0,  142/118/132 mm.  When I gave my feedback on the Gunsmoke, the Blizzard rep suggested the Bodacious might work better for me.  Took it on the same route as the Gunsmoke.  Felt a bit smoother, metal helps i guess. Initiation/turn-in was also fairly similar despite the bigger radius.   Again, able to hold up OK when I skied it fast (Both it and the Gunsmoke felt a little more solid and damp than the Patron when maching GS type turns).  So for me, preferred it to the Gunsmoke, but less life/pop/feel than I would have liked


Blizzard Cochise 185

135/108/123 Turn Radius: 28.5.  went narrower ( smile.gif) with the Cochise.  Felt better to me than the previous 2 so took it into the same trees and chutes as the Patrons.  Trees were filling in OK so comparable conditions but the Chutes were more chopped up.  A bit quicker to turn in than Gunsmoke or Bodacious, could smear turns or drive the front as required.  No real issues with tip dive but definitely preferred a more centered stance.  Good solid feel, again no issues, solid feel when pushing it hard on the way back to the demo tent. 


Overall thoughts on the Blizzards  - all good solid skis, probably the Cochise was my favorite among them, but none of them floated my boat enough to make me think "I want these".   I think what did it for me was that none of them had  the "lively/pop" feel that I like in a ski.  Jumping back on my Blizzard the One for a couple of runs at the end of the day confirmed it. The One has some life about it and is much  more ready to turn in.   But I can fully understand that a lot of people may not want that much response and  prefer the more damped feel that I experienced.  YMMV so try them and see.


Dynastar Cham 97, 178

Lunch time was on the horizon and legs were starting to flag a little so thought I would dial it back with the Cham 97.  I had been interested in these having seen the previous reviews and on hearing the good feedback from Nolo on the Cham 87 earlier in the day.  Plus, unlike the Nordicas and Blizzards, I loved the graphics!.  Plenty has been written already about the "five point" (?) shape so i will not bore you with that.  Same test route again, into the trees (which fortunately not too many of the Epic crew had found!) and then into the Chutes.  Can you say Cham Wow?.  This was a real surprise.  That big weird (to me) tip rocker seemed to do what it was supposed to.  Great turn-in/initiation, easy to smear/steer in tight spots and, surprising to me, I could still drive from the front of the ski if I wanted without going over the front. Decent float as well despite the narrower waist. Lots of life and fun to it.   In the chutes, which were getting pretty junked-up by now, the quick turn-in was very welcome and there was enough beef to cut through the chop without feeling like it was being overpowered.  Heading back to the tent, I had some misgivings that the bent, (sorry heavily rockered!)  front section might lose too much traction.  However, it acquitted itself pretty well - ain't going to replace a GS ski, but can give a decent account of itself.  Definitely a nice ski, that i could see myself interested in. Better in my mind than The One based on this test.  I think i would gravitate to the 184 instead though, just to a have a little more ski under me and probably a touch more float.


So, a very worthwhile demo day.  Nordica Patron definitely at top of my list for consideration, closely followed by the Dynastar Cham.based on my preferences.  YMMV.    I strongly encourage you to try them both (and i guess the Cham 107 as well)  with an open mind


Big thanks to Phil for setting this up and to the reps for putting their stock on the line!. Tried very hard to avoid hits but some were inevitable.   A superb demo day, never had a situation where I had to wait around for a ski to come in, managed to try the ones i wanted, could not ask for more. 




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Nice reviews.
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You and I are in total agreement on your reviews.  I have owned the Patron and love it, I actually thought I would be changing to the helldorado from Nordica but after back to back comparisons for about 4 hours of skiing I am convinced i am a Patron man.  The Blizzard one was one of my favorite skis and hated to part with it but after spending a day and a half on the Soul rider at Big Sky I am convinced I have found its replacement.  I havent read to much about the soul rider but I believe for all of those people who loved the" one" just jump over to Nordica ( Blizzard's sister company) and enjoy the soul rider!

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The Soul Rider might be the 'Most Overlooked' ski out there right now, a GREAT 98mm ski. Nice reviews SS.

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I'm also a bit of a fan boy for the Patron and the Soul Rider - two great skis from Nordica.  I tested the new Helldorado at Mt. Rose on the same day as ScotsSkier's reviews.  The addition of two sheets of metal and the fact that I was on the 193cm = a lot of ski for me!  I'm not that big (5' 7" 175 lbs.), but I was still able to get the big Helldorado to come around fairly well.  My very first run on them was in a somewhat narrow and steep chute with about a foot of fresh.  It certainly didn't feel as playful and poppy as the Patron.  The metal and the length brought it closer to "charger" status, but the rocker profile doesn't really let it blast through crud/cut-up, it really still wants to ride up and over.  I didn't get a chance to directly compare the flex patterns between the Helldorado and the Patron, but I would expect the Helldorado to be a bit stiffer.  Overall the Helldorado is a smoother, more solid (glued to the snow) feeling version of the Patron.

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The Helldorado is the love-child of a Patron and the Girish. It is surprisingly not very stiff at all, but it is extremely 'strong'. The shape of the Patron with the feel of the Girish.

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Great reviews.


Quite interested in the Cham 97 or even 87 as an everyday EC type ski. They sound very interesting and look like they would be fun. I tend to lean towards fatter skis as everyday and like the sounds of the Ti in the 97 more than the 87

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Originally Posted by Bird Blaster View Post

Great reviews.


Quite interested in the Cham 97 or even 87 as an everyday EC type ski. They sound very interesting and look like they would be fun. I tend to lean towards fatter skis as everyday and like the sounds of the Ti in the 97 more than the 87

I would look at the Outland 87 over the Cham 87 for EC.  Seemed to be much grippier and responsive.  Cham was a bit "slidy" on scratchy snow.  I really didn't like it at all unless there was fresh snow to make it come alive.  It had no tail to finish the turn on firmpack. Outland was far superior in tight lift-line bumps (which I would assume is similar to EC terrain) over the Cham, which was skiing really loose and unpredictably there (talking Cham 97).  Cham seemed like more of a soft-snow Western oriented ski, Outland was just more versatile under my feet (skied on mostly icy snow with soft snow on top).

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