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All right.. which inline skates?

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Any suggestions? Just looking for something to have fun in the summer and to workout (I hate running). I have a bike but the fiancee does not like doing that, so I'm gonna have to do some skating with her (she also needs skates) so we can have a sport we do together.

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How much skating have you done?
Will you be doing most of your skating with her?
If so, is she athletic? Will she want to go fast?
If you won't be skating mostly with her, what do you want to do?
Do you have good skating trails in your area?
Will you want to get streamlined and go fast or will you be street skating and hanging out in parking lots?
Interested in playing hockey?
Are there any skating events in your area that interest you?
Can you get a free lesson from the place that sells skates?

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Wow JD.. lots of questions,

Let me try:

- I have only skated (with inline skates) a couple of times. I've ice skated a few times also (maybe about 10). She is probably on the same boat.
- Yes, most of the skating will be with her (if we work out together, I'll use the mountain bike). She is very athletic, likes to run a lot and plays a lot of tennis. Actually, she is in better cardio shape than me and has much better endurance. She is not a risk taker however, so she will probably not care about speed (although I will!)
- There are skating trails in my area. I live in Boston, they close a road for skaters every Sunday, and there are a couple of trails next to the Charles River. I don't think I'll be able to 'get streamlined' in those, it will be more like street skating (no parking lots though)
- I could get into hockey (she would not)
- Not sure about skating events in the area, this will probably be more for recreational / work out and not 'sport'
- Not sure about lessons, doubt it.

I also want to use them as a summer time tool to help in my skiing, at least keep some of those muscles ready for the season.

Thanks<FONT size="1">

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Mack - I'd recommend you try some of the "soft boot" skates, like K2 or Salomon. They are considerably more comfortable that the plastic boot skates and are great for fitness skating.

I have a pair of the Solomon TR9's and I love them.
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Thanks Gill. About how much should I expect to pay for them? What other gear should I also get? I do have a bike helmet and gloves.. do I need to get a new helmet and gloves or will those work ok?
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I just got some TR Mag elites (salomon). I love the fit but still working out the mechanics of inline skating. (I'm new to inline skating too) except for the bike helmet I would get all new protective gear. Knee protectors, elbow protectors and wrist protectors. Notice I don't say pads.. these have hard plastic in them to protect your knees and elbows and the wrist protectors have supports so you don't break your wrist if you fall on them.

You probably don't need to go as high end on the skates. the mag elites were close to 300.00
The xtrainers were pretty nice too and they were under 200.00 Look for last years models and you can probably get for even less. I think they do the same thing as skis. MSRP and minimum advertise price until a certain date and then allow the shops to reduce the prices after a certain date.(every online shop as well as the local vendors had the same price on all the 2001 models.

Protective gear will run you around 40.00

Your bike helmet will work. Just remember, one impact and the mfg recommends replacement.<FONT size="1">

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Your bike helmet will be fine, but you probably should get rollerblading gloves with wrist protectors (a hard piece of plastic that goes from your palm, up your wrist a bit). Elbow and knee pads may be a good idea at first, until you get comfortable. If you plan on doing any tricks, definietly also get the knee and elbow pads. I only skate as ski training on 5-wheel skates, for conditioning on smooth blacktop. So I don't use knee and elbow pads anymore because I sweat profusley under them, and I'm not doing high risk stuff. If I go down, I'll just get a bit scraped up, but no real damage (I'm also not on streets with much or any traffic). The gloves you have will probably keep your hands from getting scraped up in a fall, but you could easily break your wrist. Plus, you'll destroy the gloves. With the wrist protectors, you just scratch up the plastic.
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