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Blizzard Magnum 7.6

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I was wondering if anybody could give me some feed back on the blizzard magnum 7.6 in the 170 length. I weigh 200 pounds and i am five' ten" and i am a advance to low level expert. Ski mostly on eatern harpack but go out west to utah or colorado for couples of days every year. Would this be a good ski for me.


Thanks mark 

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You should post what you currently are skiing and what you like/dislike about them, or looking to improve.  Or bring up other skis so people can compare/contrast them.


You might as well just read reviews on the ski.

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I just tried the Mag 7.6 in 170cm, not what I hoped but it was what I expected .  I'm 5' 10"/175lbs, love the Blizzard Supersonics and Mag 8.1's and ski primarily smaller hills in the Mid-West. The 7.6's are very versatile in terms of turn shape/size as well as terrain, quick edge to edge, good grip, easy & relaxed, carve or skid they do it all. My only complaint (and I expected this), they feel too light and unsubstantial for my style (I like to ski every run like its a race), they were stable but had a speed limit. Rebound was just OK, not the most thrilling ride. They're a great all around, do everything good ski but just kind of lacked the fun factor in my opinion. Real Skiers site loved the ski and was a contender for their "Ski of the Year" award.

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I've been on the same ski this season and love it. Have skied entirely in the East and am similar build to you. A little lighter.

It is light and playful but has good edge hold. Buckwild is probably right, but I haven't been skiing fast this year, trying to work on my versatility and technique more then speed.

Out West they'l be fine. A wider ski would be better in most cases, but I've skied Colorado on narrow skis for many years and had no problem.

I also have the Rossi S3's which are my eastern powder ski (although this year it's been my eastern afternoon slush ski) and which I'll bring out west. But the Magnums are better for most days out here.

Great ski.
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I have owned Magnum 7.6 since 2010. I have 170cm length and I find them a great ski. Definitely easy to control and confidence building. They will work in up to about 8" of powder from my experiences in Colorado. Great edge grip and good carving ability. I also agree that at high speeds they are not rock sold stable. Possibly a longer length would provide more high speed stability.
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I have the 2011 Magnum 7.6.  I think it is VERY underrated.  I could not believe how well it skis at all speeds.  I think mine are a hair short for me at 163, but only when I try to go faster than the my internal scare limit is.  I have had them in 6 inches of fresh and they were excellent.  I see them cheap and highly recommend them!

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I bought the 2011 Mag 7.6 in 177 just recently. I am 5'9" about 200lbs and a level 8 skier and I have about 8 days on them and I absolutely love them! I spent last weekend at Hunter on frozen boiler plate and these skis ripped it up. Later in the afternoon I had no problem with the corn. I ski pretty fast and felt they were pretty stable at speed.If you are looking to ski fast I would consider going with the 177 they should also provide better float for your trips out west. 

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