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While the conditions were essentially "groomers-only" hardpack for the three days at the Stratton show (due to the lack of snow in Vermont), I was really impressed with the Klint skis' quality, performance and value.  Below are links to the KLIИT ski reviews until I can reformat the text into the EpicSki format for this forum:



The interesting usage of birch hardwood cores enables these skis to be exceptionally responsive and hopefully long-lived, while the thin vertical profiles allow lightweight handling while preserving power and energy.  These are really fun skis designed by KLIИT's international team built to exacting standards by one of the oldest and most experienced ski facilities in the World (Swallow).  Pay attention to the people behind this new brand.  They've got game.  I was particulary impressed by the Karver and White Noise on the hardpack.  There was no 3D snow, so I can't comment on how these models work "in" snow instead of "on" snow....hopefully I can get back on them in some deeper surface conditions soon....