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Good Vail restaurants

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Going to Vail during March break (Canadian) and wondering what are some good restaurants? (Beaver creek restaurants are good too).

We got a recommendation for Terra Bistro. Any others?



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There is certainly no shortage of good restaurants in Vail and the surrounding environs... Which ones to select all depends on how much $$$ you want to spend!  Obviously, this is only a partial list... Others will chime in with their favorites and reviews of places they have been. But this list should provide you more than enough options should your visit last 2 weeks...


In Vail Village-

Terra Bistro (as you already noted)  $$

Sweet Basil (arguably the best food in Vail, but can be crowded and noisy if full)  $$$

Left Bank  $$$

Sapphire  $$

Lord Gore (across the street from the Golden Peak base lodge)  $$

Elways (in the new Four Seasons facility)  $$$


For more casual dining in VV-

Lancelot for (prime rib)  $-$$

Ore House (for steaks)  $$

Blu's  (for eclectic American menu)  $-$$

Bully Ranch (in the Sonnenalp)  $-$$

Pazzo's Pizza  $-$$


In Lionshead-

The Chophouse  $$$

Billy's Island Grill  $$

Montauk (probably the best seafood in Vail)  $$-$$$


More casual in Lionshead-

Bart and Yeti's  (burgers etc)  $-$$

Blue Moose Pizza  $-$$

Moe's BBQ  (Memphis style)  $-$$

Mezzaluna  $$


Heading West from Vail, toward Avon/ Beaver Creek-

Ti Amo (in Eagle Vail, great Italian)  $$

Bob's Place  ( in Avon, good burgers and sandwiches, sports bar)  $-$$


In the new Westin, Avon-

I have been hearing mixed reviews about the restaurants this year, could be hit or miss...   $$-$$$


Beaver Creek-

Mirabelle ( French) $$$

Splendido's (arguably the BEST food in the Vail Valley!)  $$$

Golden Eagle  $$


plus several others in BC, just not as familiar with all of them

as far as Wolfgang Puck's SPAGO in the Batchelor Gulch Ritz Carlton- VERY expensive and the food was mediocre..









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I'm gunna eat great food and free in VAIL:!!! Im gunna get VSP to take us out!! WOOOHOOO

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VSP covers all the bases with that list . I would add one more down in Avon, the Blue Plate (I hope I have this name right) just moved to their new location . Very good price value IMHO.


Couple very good places down in Edwards too , Juniper and across the sidewalk Main Street Grill. Actually liked the Main Street Grill better and its not as pricey.


We stay at Chapel Square in Avon at my buddy's condo when we are out there. I love the food and Bob's Bar in Avon. Everything is good that I'e had, and very reasonably priced. Even the beef burrito there is good. Used to go to the Mexican Place on the corner going into the town of Minturn but its no longer a Mexican restaurant . Further down the street next to the bank in Minturn I like Curly Cosmos for sandwiches, great barbecue.


I'm thrifty on a ski trip when it comes to dining, I'm sure my buddy would say super cheap actually, but VSP provided a great list of places and he certainly knows better than me what to recommend.


Of all the places in the Vail Valley, the restaurant I think everybody really likes but me is the Gas House in Edwards. I just don't care for the menu there.


But consider the source , when I was out two weeks ago I carried a salami sandwich evryday for 5 days and spent the money I saved at Tommy Tunes getting my skis tuned.


I did make it to Elways on the last trip and ordered a couple of beers at the bar with the Sliders. The Sliders are really good. Its like White Castle came to Vail , well sort of.


Have a ball on your trip. The conditions out there have really improved. Hope to make it back out at least once more.

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