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BC Trip Panorama

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Skied Panorama Feb 23, day after heli skiing, condition no new snow, friday not crowded.


Mainly want to ski Taynton Bowl.  It was hammered.  Here is a couple pic's of Taynton


heli 035.JPG We are on a ridge traverse, went out about 125 yards and found ski patrol administering a broken leg. ugh This shot shows a white sport L side bottom and that is how long top to bottom.  Heck of an area but snow was hammered.


heli 041.JPG  Another aspect we went down nice hill, long pitch but even though pic looks good it was really bad



My comments on Panorama were Taynton Bowl better have great snow or it is not worth the lap time.  Almost 13 min road time at bottom and 3 lifts back to the top.  Skis on and off out the ridge.  If it were good powder might be worth it but by the time you do one lap nmay be skied out if large number of skiers there.


Panorama is a groomers paradise.  Did find some good trees off Schoemers Dream:


heli 046.JPG  Snow looks good here and was better than Taynton but not Good.


Had a fun day.  Stayed 2 nights a Pine Inn right on the Mt., good food in Bar and ate one night at Choppers lodge and the food was good.   Pine Inn was $111 a night and contrary to some bad reviews we were ok with everything.


Really recommmend if you like kGroomer you will love Panorama.

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Did about 6 trips to Pano over the years and RK Heli 3 times when exchange rate was killer.

Wish Pano was little more west so it gets bigger and more dumps.

When they do get dumps the place has plenty to offer.

Yeah it sure does have some killer groomers.

Fritz rocks for pitch.


thanks for posting report.

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