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Season ended?

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It's Sunday, day 20 of this season and the third consecutive of this week end
(it's carnival week end here. Schools are closed, so I've taken Friday off and gone skiing with my sons and my mother)
In the past two days temperatures have been high, unbearably high, in the 17 centigrades,
snow was so mellow, all mashed potaoes since early morning...
And then suddenly in the night between sat and sun, the wind.
A cold wind which has transformed the snow layer from mashed potaoes into a hard
concrete-like layer. Even the slopes exposed to the south are in those conditions, as late
as 11.00 a.m...
We change the scene, we go on to the Presena "glacier".
3k meters asl, cold, wind. Ok let's ski down.
Here's the Paradiso run, always beautiful, always inviting ... a little 'crowded, strange.
But it's ok. Anyway, too many "rompers bedeviled" (aka AT racers in training, travelling around as light as they come and as fast as they could)
around, climbing the run, better be careful.
I ski at my usual speed, behind a friend with whom I was "hooked" the first hour, I see him enter a turn and slid a bit 'down and think "ice"
I do not finish the thought ...
The downhill ski loses the grip on the snow and does not offer more 'resistance' to the pressure I put on it and I feel my right leg stretched
straight all of a sudden, the three joints all "openup", and "feel" a deaf
sound coming from the back of the right knee.
A bit of pain, but the moment passes, I do not fall, thanks to the fact that the uphill ski ( and with it the left leg)
holds its grip and retain control and direction

I keep skiing till I reach the friend.
Ok, it's "damage assestment time "... The knee hurts but not that bad (well, it hurts some, let's be honest!)
It feels a bit "strange", but in the semiflexed position all seems ok.
I still ski without too much bother, I reach the end of the run, back up again in the gondola and I meet with my family,
lunching at the mountain restaurant (hut) and decide it is time to go home, we have to pack our bags and leave.
From the hut to the parking lot we take our time... I take it easy, not pushing ... Once home, hot shower, apply some arnica oinment eh, quick look ...
Is the rear of the knee swelling?
And what is that bump above the kneecap on the outside? Well, could it be a torn muscle...
Think positive.
What do I do? I stop at the ER? Nah let's go, do not waste doctors' time...and above all, I have to take home the family,
I'm the only one with a license to drive ... Moreover tomorrow it's school and work day...
Well, I have a two hour drive back to the plains...
I put on a kneepad to keep it warm, let's not let it stiffen (at other times and another place ... that would be manna! I think just to distract myself ).
Load the car .. the comings and goings from the house does not cause me trouble, I can walk somehow easily... well ...
What 's all this queue? Ah, yes, the Carnival weekend. Yeah right, patience.
Two hours later we are still far from home. We get there after 4 hours and thirty.
I get off the machine and the leg ...! Owww! It hurts! A lot! I can not even put down the foot on the ground.
My son eyes me strangely and with a worried expression (oh, how nice, my son who cares for me)
"What have you?" He says
"Nothing," I reply "something has happened to my knee" ...
I find that I can walk in an "almost inconspicuous" way if I put down only the tip of the foot, keeping the knee flexed.
Although climbing stairs normally cause the pain where the "bump" is.
Bed time and discomfort continues, the leg cannot be straightened, it is still a bit bent (I go into "self-protection" in an instinctive way,
of course I keep a neutral position with respect to pain)
I use ice and fall asleep ... Sleeping on either sides with the affected leg either above and below does not bother.
I can rotate the foot without feeling (too) pain ...
Morning, I get up and ... same story, to put the heel on the ground is "off limits". If i apply too much weight on it, I feel the leg yeld
Holy moly! The pain has expanded and reacched the ankle and hip.
Yeah right, hot shower and arnica ointment
Ach.. The knee it's definitely bloated, not too much but anyone cpuld see it, even me
Again the same question of yesterday :
ER? Naah, what could they do to me? Or tell me? Ice packs? And then, the MRI can not do, for me is off-limits.
A CAT scan? It must wait until the inflammation goes away and the bloating deflates. And then ...
Text message to physiotherapist "You got an empty slot for me today? I have a sore knee" "Come in at 11.00"...
Ok, I take an early lunch break and go.
He receives me smilingly, trudging with his gentle smile, "What have you done? Were you skiing?"
"Cabbages, I guess I'm getting old, and 40 years in 'the first time that something happens to me" I say ...
I look at the knee and "it's swollen?" ask chiding "Yes, it's bloated" he says, seriously ...
His hands "feel" the ligaments, one by one ..."you will be a bit' black and blue"
"Who cares" I answer showing my arms "already full" (thanks to the blood thinning).
Continue to work for a while...
Says nothing but looks at me thoughtfully. Takes some kinesiotape, then tensobandages and gives my knee a nice bandage.
"See you on Thursday," he says.
Change of step, oh wonderful! I walk pretty well, without pain.
I can now even put the heel on the floor! "Yes, the bandage helps supporting it all" he says.
"Your muscles have stiffened to protect the injured portion."
The rest of the day goes on laughing with colleagues, "hey, peg leg!" .
I discover that a colleague was hurt in the same way (roughly, she has "only" an external ligament stretched ")
and we clown around.
Moreover Friday we have to go together to visit a customer... it is urgent to find a driver.
350 km behind the wheel .. not good... we have fun to imagining customer face on our arrival .. ehehehe.
Evening, I come home.
The knee has always limited range but now I can stretch it, slowly and if I do not make sudden movements all goes well.
Morning ..
Ouf! I look like an old diesel engine starting. It is a repeat of Monday morning ... but I find that if I keep moving and don't let the knee in the
same position for too long it's better but ...
How come that now, even the lower belly and the left side of the neck hurt?
Oh sh.... bet that when the ski lost its grip, the whole body responded automatically to keep me in balance?
Aches coming out of everywhere where the muscles have tried to support me?
Blessed be the ski gym work I did all winter!
Another day at the office ... a bit better, but agin if I keep the same position for too long...and Tuesday morning road traffic on the motorway does not help to gewt quickly to work
The knee still feels a little weird... but it seems less bloated, not so bad. I'm moving well.
Today the kids go on a trip in the snow ... I can not accompany them, that sucks, but I have to work afterall.
The knee? Still weird, but I can now move fluidly. It's still a bit swollen, but it is deflating.
Evening at home, I shave the leg from the foot to the beginning of the quadriceps, so his work will be easier.
Look at that bruise in the back!
Oh yeah, he said that.
And also...why is my lower leg swollen?
Bah, we'll see.
Thursday is near.
We will see.
Thursday is tomorrow.
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BTW I'm really funny with one shaved leg till mid tight and one...not.
My GF had a good laugh looking at me the on Wednesday evening...
The therapist inspects the knee...moves the leg, folding it and straightening it...
The bruise on the back of the knee is considerable but it's due to his fingers and not to any injury...
Calf is also in a bit of pain, utter confirmation of the violence of the release...but it's not swollen of bruised, so I keep the pain for myself.

Satisfied, proceed to a new taping using the kinesio and assign some easy and basic rehab exercise, amazing how quickly muscles loose shape...The difference between the two quads is noticeable after only three days..

But I can walk well, only thing is, if I keep the knee in one position for any amount of time.. you know it's like starting an old diesel engine...


GF tells me that her saturday morning ski lesson is confirmed..so..up to the mountain we go.
"I won't ski" I decide and tell her "but I'll gladly wait for you at the base, maybe I'll catch some sun"
"Ohh, so I'll ski only for the time of the lesson" she replies (one hour lesson)
Mmmmmh I ponder...mmmmmh
"We shall see" I retort.

Saturday morning wake up!!!!!
I peek out of the window..
Clear and sunny sky...
Temptation...I must resist...
How's the Knee? Feels okay, still a bit "unstable"...

"I'll lend you my knee brace" She says...

Alea jacta est!

I can't resist...

Take the knee brace, dress up for skiing and off we go!

We reach the assembly point and meet the Instructor...

"Mind if I join?"

I ask, not wanting to ski alone...

"You're welcome" comes the reply.

Season ended?

Well, not quite!

I'll have to take itm easy, but the damage does not seem substantial and I'll be able to log in some more days
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