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Fastest boat

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Who has the fastest boat? Best speed for mine-59 mph. Anyday speed-54 mph. Certainly someone here can beat that.
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I've gotten my brother's inflatable kayak up to 75 MPH.

In a Subaru

going downhill

with a tailwind



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Gee, The boat can probably hit 6-7 knots on a broad reach in a 22-27 knot breeze. Does that count?
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I've topped 30mph... with no motor... On a windsurfer. Back side of a hurricane (don't remember which one, summer of 1987) way too much sail, in Ocean City MD (bay side). I raced a 15' Whaler and beat him. He got up to 30mph. I've done 70 in a speed boat, and 30 on a windsurfer feels twice as fast.
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my girlfriend's cousin's sister's dog's former roomate's boat... kidding, my girlfriends parents boat can match 59. that was on lake washington on a fairly choppy day. id like to get it out there when its glass.
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Actually you will get a higher speed on chop. Smooth water has surface tension, which means the boat is in the water just a little bit more.
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but on glass... you can tweak the trim to get the boat into a perfect plane. i hypothesize that in sizable chop the impact on each wave kills your energy.
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High speed power boats have hull designs that introduce air under the hull to break the surface tension. Therefore, they are faster on smooth water. Also, on chop, the props become less effective because they are designed to be a certain distance under the water, or in some cases, only half in the water.<FONT size="1">

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