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Jay Peak; inexpensive lodging?

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Hope to join the eastern gathering at Jay Peak.  Any suggestions?  Not too fussy other than no bedbugs...



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Are you driving or staying slopeside? When I was there in '06, you couldn't beat Grampa Grunts for cheap lodging and local flair. It's basically a hostel, but you can get a private room (make sure to specify you want a shower). If there's enough people, your stay comes with (delicious) breakfast. If not, you're on your own. At that time it was something like $27/person and $33 with breakfast. Really funky place - our room had a waterbed and a Tempurpedic, some rooms had a mirror over the bed - weird. There's a community kitchen and game room downstairs where you can hang out and meet some other skiers.


Not sure if a hostel is what you're looking for, but I don't think it gets much cheaper in the Jay area. It's in Montgomery Center, maybe 20 minutes from the resort.

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I was going to post Grandpa Grunts also, I just hope that

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  Not too fussy...



means, not fussy at all and really interested in the absolute cheapest option.

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

I was going to post Grandpa Grunts also, I just hope that

means, not fussy at all and really interested in the absolute cheapest option.

LOL, that's true. The accommodations were a little odd, but it is one of the most memorable places that I've stayed on a ski trip!


Here's the website, OP : https://sites.google.com/a/grampagrunts.com/grampa-grunts-lodge/services


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Other options are the Snowline Lodge, http://www.snowlinelodge.com/   closest to Jay's access road,  Just a basic motel with a good sit down breakfast included.  I have also stayed in Newport, VT, about 20-25 minutes away at Newport City Motel (or hotel)  another basic motel...last time we state there it was around $60.  Snowline was around $100.


I have never stayed at Grandpa Grunts but from what I understand it is a hostel type situation with shared rooms and bathrooms.

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I also stayed at the Newport city motel last year...room was small but fairly nice for a cheap place.

about 20 minutes to the mtn. There are some scary cheap places around and nothing on the access road

looked too special to me.

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Last time me and my buddies went we stayed at the Border Motel in Derby, VT.  We found a cheap $50 deal on kayak.com


next time we head up to Jay I think we're gonna look at Grampa Grunt's, it sounds like quite the fun time

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Newport City Motel, Border Motel, the motel with cabins that used be called "Top of the Hill" in Newport. There used to be a Super 8 in Newport right off I-91 but I think it's called something else now.

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