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Time to replacer my PE's?

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Starting to think about replacing my K2 Public Enemy's with something a little newer.


Problem is, I don't really have any complaints about them. My biggest gripe with them was the graphics, and I took care of that by spray painting  them :)


They aren't great on ice.  They seem on the heavy side. Besides that I'm pretty happy with them everywhere else - bumps, trees, powder, groomers, crud.  


Most of my skiing is at our little bump - Greek Peak, in upstate NY (usually 2 to 3 times a week most seasons).  Besides that we are typically doing two trips a year - either one west / one VT, or two to VT on years we can't swing a trip out west for some reason. When we're in VT we try to mix it up at Stowe, Sugarbush, and Jay; out west we seem to end up at Steamboat/Winter Park or Utah most often. Now that the kids are bigger we should be able to squeeze in at least another weekend or two at Gore / Whiteface.


So is there a ski out there that can just do all the things the PE is good at but better?  I know - no ski does everything well, but I'm too lazy to maintain a "quiver" so I'll keep my PE's as my rock skis and then have whatever else I find as my primary all around ski.


I'm 5'11, 220, and on 179 PE's.  I've demoed the Bonafide, Mantra, and Prophet 90 - liked them all reasonably well.  Going to try to hit our local demo day again.

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The Kung Fujas is the modern PE by today's standards.  It is highly versatile for different terrain and turn shapes and styles.  If you can find a pair, give it a try.




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I'm curious how the spray paint job on the PE's turned out. Hate the graphics on mine . What paint did you use and did it chip off a lot?


I think the bases on the PE's has to be the toughest ptex going. I've skied over some pretty thin cover on them and they still look about perfect.


I haven't skied mine at all this year and only maybe twice last year. Really a very nice ski for the money IMHO very good pricce value. I agree on firm hard snow not a great carver. Other than that, they do real well.

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Here is what they looked like freshly painted.  This was actually the second time I painted them.  The first time I used some kind of Krylon that is supposed to be formulated for plastic...they were blue with a white stripe down the middle, sort of old school surfboard look. The second time I used Allis Chalmers orange Rustoleum As you' would expect it chips off really easily, so there are lots of scratches and beat up around the edges....if I have time I'll grab a picture of what they look like now (after about 3 seasons with the orange).  When I repainted them, I actually sanded the blue paint off before painting the orange.


They were supposed to be the same, but I screwed up the one on the left and didn't want to start over.


Nobody would ever steal them. Ever. But the chicks totally dig them. Don't tell my wife.



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Find yourself a pair of K2 Extremes (I think they were made in 2009 and 2010).  They're the same ski as the PE, but with less obnoxious graphics.  Our local Sports Authority (Colonie, NY) still had some Extremes in stock (discounted to around $250) at the beginning of this season, and I'm sure you can still find them on the web.  I have a pair of Extremes in storage waiting for my PEs to die.







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