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intermediate + skier, advice on first skis

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Hi all,


First post here from a new member.  I get to ski 2-3 weeks per year in the Alps and on a couple of small "hill" resorts near to where I live (Moscow, Russia). 


I'm happy with my boots but up to now I've been either renting skis or borrowing a friend's Elan Waveflex 8.  


I'm looking to buy a pair of skis of my own but as no one here has facilities to demo skis I'm relying a lot on reviews and advice.  Appreciate the great info on this site and hoped to get some advice too...


I'm 6ft, 180lb and have been skiing groomers only - fairly athletic but I usually pull back on the speed (partly because I feel the skis are getting more nervous than I am!).  I'm looking for a ski that I can keep for quite a few years - to continue to use to raise my game on groomers but also to venture out on crud / bumps / off-piste etc and learn more of the sport.  


From all the reviews I've read, I'm looking at the Kastle LX 82.  I'd have to pick them up when next in Europe though (and hopefully demo at a resort there) as their availability is very limited in Russia.


So I'm wondering...

- how suitable folks think they'd be as choice and

- what other skis may be comparable to them if I can't get hold of a pair.  


I like what I've read about Salomon XT800 and Volkl RTM 80 (or even Stockli Stormrider 78?) so I'm considering those as options but have no idea how they compare.  


Any advice greatly appreciated!




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I have LX82. I'm an intermediate skier so I can't give you a proper review on them, but they did perform better then my two previous pairs of skis - Fischer Motive 80 (I really liked them, but I got them too short for me, plus I think bumps/deep snow performance was not as good as Kastle) and Head I.Peak 74 (again short ski, really flexible, but unfortunately very unstable once you gain some speed). Can't comment on the other skis, but I would assume that if you plan to take them off piste, 78/80 under the foot might not be wide enough?

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Hi Russki and welcome to Epic. You're buying in a time when really all the top makes prouce great skis. You'll hear great things from various people about most and there is a bewildering range to choose from that it can get overwhelming. I think you'd be better looking at the type of ski you buy and if it suits your profile.


Skiing mainly groomers you wouldn't want to go for some big fat waist ski. I would be looking for something with a waist in the region of 75 to 80 and a radius in the 14m to 16m range. Also be realistic about your ability level when you buy and buy something that will complement your level with the capacity to take you further. Too many people over buy and aren't best served by their skis. They will then criticise the ski but it's the skiers profile that doesn't match as I've said skis are great these days.


Mx22 suggests 80cm under foot might not be enough for venturing off piste. Sure they're not big floaters but that's plenty to give you an enjoyable ride for some off piste as long as the tips not too stiff.


The XT800s are great skis but think about the RX800s as well. You describe yourself as an intermediate. This model may be more appropriate. Other models like the Atomic Nomad Smoke would do a similar job. Good luck and don't get hung up about what you buy. Just make sure they match your ability and ambitions and get them set up correctly. Skis are not ready to go straight off the shelf!

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спасибо! (I'm not Russian of course, just here for a while (few years) until I go back to the UK.


Glad you're enjoying yours mx22!  When I say 'off-piste' I meant more of a range of terrain types.  I wan't thinking of them as deep powder skis.


Adie, yes I know what you mean about level.  Very much a case of choosing something that's not too far above my level but that will still last a few years. Difficult to explain level in a few words on here anyway though, and it seems rather subjective anyway (one ski school gave out little "report cards" with competencies ticked off - seemed a bit gimmicky and didn't always compare with other people's impressions!)


Thanks for the input!


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