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The winter season is over, and yes, that sucks, because so is skiing. After reding all of the other posts, I see that people have large interests in sports such as mountain biking and inline skating. Both are terrific sports, however I do something different. During the spring and most of the summer, when I cannot ski, my sport is crew.

I go on the water everyday in boats with four guys, and yes, you guessed it, we pull on oars. Although it sounds sort of repetitive, you row in a nice, clear environment on the water, and while enjoying that, you are working almost every significant muscle in your body. Crew is an all-body sport that keeps you in terrific shape, and by the time ski season comes around, it really helps to have be more solid to dig into those turns on the slopes.

Are there any people out there that row like I do or at least are interested? I'm telling you this, it's the ideal thing to to on a nice day without snow on the ground.


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