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Ski Logik Ulls Chariot TT vs RL

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About to pull the trigger.  Any thoughts about the differences?  Realskiers has both skis as ski of the year 20011 and 2012.


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I don't think that's accurate.  Peter was pretty high on the TT's but much less so on the Rocker Logik version of the Ullr's Chariot.


I've skied both, as an all arounder the TT is a pretty excellent ski, decent in bumps, good in soft snow and better than average on hard snow.


The RL, is better in crud.  It's also stiffer in general which is a pro and a con depending on how you ski.  The RL is not as good on hard snow (though it is more than adequate for a wide ski.  The Front rocker is fairly dramatic so ski the 182 (and not the 172) length.


Both are good skis that perform similarly.  

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I just looked at Peter's site (I am a member and a big fan) and he has reviews for the Rave ski in both the TT and RL. The Chariot he only has in the TT. I own the Chariots and really like them. They are my only ski right now. Others have posted about the RL version and the feedback has been mixed. I highly recommend the TT's or wait for the revised 2013 version of the Chariot RL. I read somewhere that Ski Logik is modifying them to improve the flex.


You would only do better in an RL ski if you ski soft snow mainly, otherwise the TT is the way to go.

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Thanks for the input.  I will most likely purchase the TT's this weekend. They are about twice as heavy as my Dynastar Legend 8000's.  Of course they are significantly wider in the tip, under foot and in the tail.  Any issue with the weight...do they feel or ski heavy?  Thanks

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Originally Posted by Holtster View Post

Thanks for the input.  I will most likely purchase the TT's this weekend. They are about twice as heavy as my Dynastar Legend 8000's.  Of course they are significantly wider in the tip, under foot and in the tail.  Any issue with the weight...do they feel or ski heavy?  Thanks

At 4400g they aren't that heavy and are on par with some other similar sized skis  (remember some manufacturers quote weight per ski and some per pair).  To me the skis don't feel or ski heavy at all, and I have heavy bindings on them.  I just wish they could be used this weekend, but I'm nursing a sore back.

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I just purchased the Ullr's Chariot RL 182  3 days ago. After reading some of your posts I am questioning whether I should go back (no problem) and swap them for the TT? I am 58 and love to go fast but realize those days are coming to an end, I love to go off piste, but generally spend most of my day cruisin the groomers, dancing on the snow making lots of quick turns at high speeds, interspersed with linking Super GS turns. I'm skiing the PNW where our snow is generally wet. I too am looking for that "one quiver" ski. I currently ski the K2 Apache Recon 181 with 15M sidecut and have a blast with it. Though I am looking for something that gives me a bit more float up and over the crud we tend to get mid-day with our wet snow, and for those few days we get some nice pow. I would think even the fatter TT would do the job, but love what a nice rocker provides as well. Any thought on which way to go here?

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I would contact the owner of Ski Logik, David Mazzarella, and get his advice. He knows his skis really well and will steer you in the right direction. His contact info is on the website, but the email is info@skilogik.com, ask for advice from "Mazz".  I own the TT and it is a great ski. I like the full camber which makes it want to carve turns really well. It feels like a wide race ski that can make any size turn you want. I have a friend who bought the rock star for off piste glade skiing in soft snow. It is a fully rockered ski and gets great reviews. He just got them so hasn't skied them yet.


Based on what you describe, I would suggest the TT, but if you want a "rocker" ease of pivoting the ski, the RL should provide that. What I read about the RL is the flex needed to be adjusted because the front became to stiff when the rocker was added. It was getting deflected in crud instead of absorbing it. The TT's are great in crud, just cruises right through.  If Mazz has adjusted the flex pattern, it should be a great ski.


Also, the Chariots don't ski like a heavy ski, to me they are reasonably light and don't feel heavy on the snow.

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Thanks for your thoughts, I took your advice and called Ski Logik and they suggested that with my skiing style that I would be better off with the TT. He never directly answered my question about any changes in the flex of the RL, he just looked and compared their specs and said that yes the TT would be a better match for me, which leads me to believe that perhaps they haven't made any changes???.

So I just got back from my ski shop and swapped out the RL for the TT, I went with the 188's, a bit longer than I might have normally gone with, coming from 181's but when you add in the extra rear tip the actually effective edge is somewhat lessened. Ski Logik also suggested the 188's and since I like to cruise, a little extra length is a good thing.


Thanks again and have a Grateful Day



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Sounds like you are in good shape. I have the TT's in 178 cm and find they do not ski short like some TT's. I would probably like the 188's even more and I think that is a good choice for your area.

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I ski the Chariot TT in a 188 and find no fault in the ski. As other posters have mentioned you can make any size turn and I have not found the speed limit yet. They are very stable at speed but rail short through long radius turns. I have over 75 days on mine and the tops look great, I did put a gash in the sidewall/top which I filled with epoxy. I got mine the first year they came out and noticed the new ones have a small metal edge where the sidewall meets the top to protect the tops.


I have demoed a number of skis and this is still the best one for me. I also have the Depth Hoar for deeper snow, it is also great, have put many memorable powder days on them. This summer I got a pair of Bomb Squads for the in between days so I am anxious to give them a try.


The Chariot TT is a really well balanced ski that can handle a broad range of condition, I am too big for them to be a one quiver ski but I have skied them all conditions from powder to Sierra cement and they satisfy me.

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I have Ullr's Chariot and agree that it skiis like a dream.  Well, it did until i got 18 days on it.  Now they look like this:


Yes, that is the metal sheet in the core.









Lets add to that a foot long crack in the sidewall where two pieces of wood are separating.  The shop tech said that it looked like poor construction, not driver abuse.






The top sheet I wasn't really concerned about since I tend to ski on the bottoms.  However, the crack was discovered when I brought the skis in for their pre-season tune-up.  Unfortunately, that was beyond the 1 year warranty and the Ski Logik rep said that I was out of luck.  Sadly, I am also out a lot of cash.


Considering that my last pair of K2s lasted almost a decade, I'd recommend finding a different brand.

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Wow, how did the ski get lilke that?  Not trying to imply anything, but was that a result of a fall or just accumulated damage over time?


My chariots show a little chipping on the clear topsheet where my tails cross while herring boning, but its pretty minor. If that accumulated over time, I guess the lesson is nip it in the bud quick. They look repairable to me, I suggest some low viscosity epoxy for the sides and some filing and filling on the tops.

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So, update.  Ski Logik has decided to replace the skis at no charge.  Apparently, they have changed the design of the topsheet and added some sort of "Iron"coating that prevents or minimizes the chipping.  As for the side wall crack, that is just product failure that happens to the best of products once in a while.


bttocs - it was just accumulated damage over time.  The local shop suggested getting the edges rounded out when they mount the bindings and that will reduce the chance of chipping.  For $30 I'll give it a try.

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Liquid monkey! if you still have a broken ski - I will buy it from you - as an art piece to give skis a second life!

Andrew, Vancouver BC  ssyba@telus.net

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