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2013 Sneak Preview: Rossignol Experience 88, Nordica Patron, Nordica Hell+Back, Dynastar Cham 107, Blizzard Bonafide, Blizzard Cochise

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Some quick impressions from the Epicski Gathering demo day at Mount Rose today.  Special thanks to Philpug and the crew at StartHaus for helping set things up, and to Rossi, Nordica, Blizzard, Fischer, Dynastar, Head, Elan, and Kastle for coming out to Mt. Rose to set us up with FREE demos of a big pile of next year's skis.


Conditions: 18" the day before, on top of icy conditions.  The Chutes hadn't been opened the day before (and didn't open until a few hours into the day).  So knee-deep fresh (over inconsistent ice and rocks) in "The Chutes", and a mix of soft groomers and chopped-up powdery bumps everywhere else.


Skier: 6'6", 265 lbs., primarily Eastern skier and PSIA instructor.  I don't charge super-hard, especially off-piste, but I can lay over a decent carve.  :-)


Rossignol Experience 88: I took these out because my girlfriend really liked the Temptation 88 the day before, and I wanted to see what they were like.  Very smooth and solid on the groomers, although I felt like I was overpowering them at times.  Fine in the bumps, but the fresh snow wasn't available yet.  I was told these were unchanged from the 2011-12 version.


Dynastar Cham 107: I REALLY liked this ski.  5-point design, tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot.  Held much better on groomers than I expected.  REALLY fun in the powdery, choppy bumps -- went right over the crud underneath without getting bogged down.  Didn't get a chance to take these in the Chutes, since that terrain wasn't yet and these skis weren't available later on.


Nordica Patron: Not impressed.  113(?) underfoot, tip and tail rocker.  A lot of work on groomers for mediocre performance, and I found them to be somewhat hard to handle in the bumps as well.  While I was going up the lift with these, they dropped the rope on the chutes, so I took what I could get and dropped through a gate before it got too tracked up.  On the first turn I hit a submerged bump and lost a ski, so that wasn't the best start.  They were better in the fresh snow, but I felt like I had to stay way back on them to keep the tips up when skiing at a moderate pace.  Maybe an issue with the demo bindings/mounting?


Nordica Hell+Back: the Nordica rep gave me these after I told him I liked the Cham 107 a lot more than the Patron.  98mm underfoot, this has (IIRC) tip rocker but no tail rocker, and metal reinforcement.  They definitely held a lot better on the groomers than the Patron, and maybe handled a little better in the bumps.  I didn't take these back through the chutes.


Blizzard Bonafide: 98mm waist, flipcore, tip rocker.  I had not skied these before, and I can see why so many people rave about them.  Fantastic groomed snow performance for a ski this wide -- it's not as solid as the cambered 8.7 Magnum I own, but it's surprisingly close.  EXTREMELY responsive; just does whatever you tell it to do.  Easy to handle in the bumps and cut-up crud.  I used these to take another trip through the chutes, which had gotten substantially more tracked out by then.  They definitely inspired confidence in steep, somewhat inconsistent snow.


Blizzard Cochise: 108(?)mm, tip and tail rocker, IIRC no camber underfoot.  Unfortunately, as I took the lift up with these after a late lunch, a storm front rolled in and they had to shut down almost everything due to high wind.  I'd planned on going back through the chutes with these, but I couldn't do that without being stranded on the wrong side of the resort.  These were okay working my way back down from the summit.  Better groomer performance than the Patron, but definitely a big step down from the Bonafide.  I actually liked the Bonafide more in the bumps, but these worked okay.  Would have liked to try them in the powder.

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This was a great day to demo, with a great variety of conditions.  Glad you got on it!


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I got a chance to demo 2 of the skis that Mattias99 reported on at the Gathering:


Rossi E88 - I took this out to compare it to my Kastle 88 (which was at home), and, only did one quick run. The snow was just excellent, perhaps too good to get an accurate reading. Did some higher speed carving very well, and, held it's own in some newer snow bumps. In retrospect, I probably should have passed on this demo or made some more runs. There are plenty of reviews of this ski based on extensive testing of others, but, if it does not perform on ice (and there was none that day) it has no place in my quiver..there were other Rossi's I should have picked.


Dynastar Cham 107 - The Dynastar rep (Andy) is the person who married Phil and Treckchick. At a Starthaus event on Thursday night, he promised that if I stopped by the Mt. Rose demo area on Friday, I could do an extended demo of the Cham 107. Having skied major powder at Squaw that day, on Dynastar Sultan 94's which were too narrow for that powder, I could not resist the offer to get on a wider softer ski for the pow at Mt. Rose.


From the outset, these ski as much narrower than the 107 waist. The tips are made for powder and the skis did great in the mostly broken powder I encounter at Mt. Rose. They feel much lighter than the Sultans and helped my tired legs get through the last day. On groomers, they performed well considering my love is for narrow waisted skis and quick edge changes. I had to pay a little more attention and change technique to more two footed skiing. I was smiling when I returned them. If I lived in the Tahoe region, instead of the East, they would be a ski that gets serious consideration.



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I also Demoed the 2013 Nordica Patron and then bought it. All of the hype is well worth it. A super quick, super agile, fun ski that can do it all. Great grip and control at speed. Did not ski it in powder but heavy slush and mank, ice and bumps. Performed all extremely well. Skis short but that is what's great about it.

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I could not disagree more with your review of the Patron. It is by far the easiest ski I've been on. Quick as a 90mm ski in bumps and rails groomers. I was carving so well my hip was almost hitting the snow.

I'll buy all unwanted Patrons and Hells.

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Don't know what to say.  I had a hard time with the Patrons in the bumps.  They were WAY worse on the groomers than the E88 or even the Bonafide or Hell+Back, and seemed a step down from the Cham 107 and Cochise too.  Like I said, could have also been a tuning or mounting issue, since I didn't particularly like them in the powder either.



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