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Tuning AC50's

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Ghost, I just read your post concerning tuning volkl skis. I just tuned my AC50's. Using my handy edge tuner, I set it at 1 degree on the base edges, and 2 degrees on the side edges. When tuning the side edges at 2 degrees, the file picked up quite a bit of material. Is this normal? The skis were just stoned grinded at the end of last year.

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I tuned my P50s at 2 degrees and didn't remove that much material, even when they were almost new.  However I do recall once tuning a pair of Fischer skis, that I had tuned quite a few times with diamond stones (to 3 degrees), and they didn't seem to be sharp enough, so I took a file to them and the amount of material that came off scared me, but all was good.  I figure I had just work hardened the edge.  Maybe the skis weren't originally set to 2 degrees side.  My Volant's were set to 1 (I put a 2 on the first time, but I have not enough edge to do that again, unless I want to cut through the stainless steel capeek.gif). You don't need to do a lot of work with a file to get skis sharp with a sharp file; a little does a lot.


  In any event, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  If you set it to 2 degrees with a good side bevel, that's what you got.  It's a good compromise between easy mogul slipping and smearing and decent (though not spectacular) boiler plate grip.  Finish with a progression of stones polish the edge and make it last and enjoy them.


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Thanks for the reply. After they were stone ground they did seemed railled. I took a gummy stone to the tips and tails, and that helped a lot. With the low snow here in California, most of the skiing has been FIRM, and I have noticed my edges slipping quite a bit. After reading not to detune the tips or tails I wanted to put a sharp edge back on the skis. I also thin when they were ground that they put a 1 degree bevel on the side edge instead of two. I had them done at REI. I just picked up a pair of Line Influences 105 to add to my quiver. I want to use my AC 50s on firm days and my Line skis on fresher snow days (if we ever get it's supposed to snow in Tahoe tonight and tommorow). Thanks for your help.


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