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Salomon Inline skates

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I got my Salomon Tr Mag elite inlines last night
They feel great. Now all I need to do is have a dry weekend so I can try them out. Got the knee/elbow/wrist protectors and will use my Bike helmet. Maybe I'll bring them to work on Thursday so I can skate a bit during lunch.

Any tips for ankle strengthening? I can tell my shins are going to be sore for a few days.
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Hey dchan - Great news on the skate purchase!!! I have a pair of the Salomon (TR9 - I think, the one with the moldable footbed). They fit great and are very fast.

As for strengthening your ankles, just skate. There are a couple exercises (toe raises and heel raises) that will work your calves and soleus(sp?) muscles, but it just doesn't compare to how they're worked when you skate.
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Congrats on the skates dchan! One of these days we are going to have to meet for a skate (and a glass of wine!)
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Hmm skate and wine... may not be a great mix.
Ha ha ha..Wooooooohh
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Skate first, then drink wine...apres skate?
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What you are feeling in your shins will pass. I skate a fair amount and find that often when I use a different skate I get those pains. I believe that it is from using the "wrong" muscles in trying to compensate for a different performance package (support, whatever you want to call it). Someone mentioned to just skate more. I agree.
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