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Line Prophet 90

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So I am in the process of buying new skis and I think I have finally decided on the Line Prophet Flite. My question is that I cannot decide whether to get the 165 or the 172. I am 5 foot 10, 140 pounds and an Intermediate to advanced skier. These would be my first set of twin tips. Right now I am skiing 162s and I understand that the prophet's will ski a bit shorter because they are twin tips.


Also for a final note I just want to put in that because I am only 17 I will still be growing for a few more years. I would like these skis to last me some time which is why the 165s worry me.



Edit: I realize the the title reads LP 90's. I am interested in the Flites that was my mistake. 

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Where do you ski East or West coast?

Do you like tree, mogul skiing?


I ski the Line 90's and really like them. They are great in the East coast trees and are still ok on groomers as long as it is not totally boilerplate.

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I ski mainly east coast. I really like being able to do everything on the mountain (trees, moguls, park etc.) and by the way this for the Line prophet Flites not the 90's that was my mistake 

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I think at your weight you could get away with the flites depending on how aggressively you ski.


I am sure others will join in with their recommendations.


Good luck.

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Thanks for your help. Do you recommend I go with the 165s or the 172s based off the information I gave in my original post?

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179.  Possibly 186.  No shorter for your stats and ability.

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I agree. I would go with the 186 if you were skiing in Utah or out west. 

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