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Was it the footbeds.. or was I just too tired? A couple performance questions

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Ok. Long story…which may or may not make sense. I got my first pair of boots(Dalbello Axion 9 Mondo size 25.5. SHOE: Euro size 41, 7.5 to 8 US) that I now own back in January. I’m a strong level 8 skier…according the private lesson instructor at Breckenridge. I’m 32, 5’4”, 132lbs, athletic, and VERY bowlegged. The reason I got my own boots prior to my most recent trip in February was that mid-way through my last trip(2009) the inside part of my ankle on my right foot got an excruciating type of bruise. It wasn’t visible, but it hurt like hell. I figured it was a rental liner/boot problem that I didn’t want to deal with this time around so I got my own boots. I got them from a longstanding local ski apparel/equipment shop in Atlanta. The bootfitter seemed knowledgeable, but how do I know. I live here, so it’s not like I could just go out west and get em ;) Well about half way into this trip, the same ankle started to hurt, but not as bad as last time.


What I had noticed when I would stand still in the boots I would stand on the outside edges of my feet(supinated) with the inside edges slightly off the ground. Like I said.. I’m bowlegged. When I would clip into the bindings it would pronate my ankles out of the ankle pocket of the boot.  I have a pretty neutral arch though.


I’ve always had the most fun on steep bumps, bowls, double blacks, and glades. I just always looked rusty. So this time I took a private lesson on the second day of a 6 days of skiing trip., The instructor.. Mark Keedy was awesome! We skiid nothing but blacks, double blacks, bumps, and glades all day! No waiting for people in the group, no waiting on the lift lines. Just run after run after run. He said it didn’t’ even feel like a lesson since he had so much fun.  He estimated we skiid about 25,000 vertical feet. (With the rest of the group I was with we usually did between 12k and 14k/day.) I was totally exhausted after that day. Nothing hurt, but my muscles were just super tired.  I felt like a much better skier after that day, learned a lot, and was able to apply it.


I went to one of the local shops in downtown Breckenridge for some help. They got me some surefeet footbeds and canted the boot(positively). The next day, the problem didn’t get any worse, day after that it actually got better, and  on the last day of the trip there was zero pain in the ankle. Also of note, my shins felt great too! Guess the bootfitter in Atlanta wasn’t that great after all.

I‘ve been skiing about 6 times before. I’d live in CO, if I had the choice, but I ski when I can.


Once I got my footbeds and canting corrected(end of 3rd day), it felt as if I couldn’t really get as much forward weight/power through my shins in the boots. When I got the boots there were very snug and my toes defiantly were touching the edge of the boot liner. I was actually afraid my right tow was going to get sore because it was actually stretching the liner a bit. By the end of the trip, I was putting each buckle on the last rung. Hopefully my boot inst too big. Skiing correctly at a moderate level felt easier and more natural, but when I really pushed to try to keep the technique and skill tips I just learned it felt much harder than the day I learned them.


Here are the 3 scenarios I can see as the cause that I was hoping somebody could answer and/or solve:

  1. Because of the new footbeds, the top/front part of my ankle is higher, hence being the fulcrum of that lever I would not put as much force into the boot given the same input
  2. My legs were just so freakin tired that I didn’t have the physical ability to put the force I was previously.
  3. Or was my increase in skill level beyond the strength my body was able to keep up with at the time. The reverse was definitely true before the lesson(had more strength/guts/ability than technique/skill).


I was a speedskater for 15 years, so I can see it being a combination of all 3 of those things as I had similar experiences as far as technique vs strength/ability.


What do you think caused the scenario I'm describing?





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Your shoe size when measured on a Branock device is 25cm long for size 7.5 to 8----so you might think a 25.0 shell was the right size for you but, it is "possible" that your boots are too big---read the WIKI "Which boots will work for me" at the top of this section of the Forum.  Then shell size your boots and get back to us.


If you are maxing out the buckles, this will distort the shell somewhat and the boot will not perform the way it should.



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