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Tahoe. Need transport to SFO/Hotel suggestion for the car less

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So next week ill be in Tahoe. My buddy has to return sunday night, but I want to ski Monday and tuesday AM, catch a flight Tuesday night (10:30pm) out of SFO.


So I am trying to find two things.

(1) Cheap lodging with shuttle service to Squaw

(2) An affordable means of getting back to SF.


Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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1) As far as lodging, any travel site will work for that.  

Other option is also to check squaw.com's vacation planning section as they may have some package deals that might be cheaper.


2) For a ride, 

All the resorts have been pushing the new zimride ridesharing company: zimride.com. 

Worth a shot to see if you can find a friendly car that's heading your way on your day.  

Hopefully they can get you all the way to SFO, or at least to a close BART station that can get you to the airport.


The timing might be tight though if you are skiing the whole afternoon and if you have to take transfer and take multiple modes of public transportation.  If you get a direct dropoff from your driver you should be good timewise.





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Definitely www.zimride.com. If you want a referral to that site that will get you a $20 refund if you use it, PM me with your email address. I've used Zimride a bunch this season. It works great. You find a ride that matches, confirm details, then book it. You pay with a CC and the driver gets a paypal transfer the next day. If I were sticking around past the weekend, I'd offer you a ride.


The other place to check is the Reno Craigslist page under rideshare. However, if you post a ride needed on Zimride, it offers a button that auto-creates the post on CL for you. If all else fails, you can always take a bus/train, but that will cost a bit more and involve some transfers via BART to the airport.


For cheap lodging, check out the Holiday Inn Express in Truckee or any of the other cheap hotels. You could hitchhike from Holiday Inn to Squaw in about 1/2 hour or take TART (bus). There's also Granlibakken and a couple other places in Tahoe City. Most have shuttles, access to TART, or are a stop for the Squaw shuttle.

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Thanks guys. 


I suddenly realized that Reno is super close. So to hell with SFO, ill just fly home out of Reno.


I am surprised that there isn't a better shuttle service from SF to Tahoe though. I would expect lots of demand for that. Though maybe thats just because I am a car free new yorker.

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Now that you do bring it up, there are the bus services  from SF to Tahoe but usually they go to a particular resort for day trippers, so usually weekends, and occasionally an overnight. 


If you contact them, they often do offer 1-way rides, if they happen to have space and at the resort, so in that sense, yes that is an option too.





http://www.alpineadventuresonline.com/ (SAC)


Unfortunately, I think midweek trips don't happen too much.  

Glad you were able to switch to RNO (or SAC), that makes completely more sense for a departing traveller.

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