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Win a Pair of Opedix Knee Support Tights.

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Sponsored Contest by Opedix


Have a Better Day on the Mountain with Opedix.

We had a previous post that was featured on the homepage where a lot of community members wanted to see unbiased opinions of our product, so we're giving the EpicSki community the chance to do just that.


Does knee discomfort or pain prevent you from fully enjoying your day on the hill? Could your legs and quads use some extra support at that four o’clock bell? Opedix has the answer for you.

EpicSki community sponsor Opedix has developed groundbreaking Ski & Board tights and need YOU to review their product.  All you need to do is tell us why you would make a good reviewer of their Ski & Board Tights. The winners will receive a custom fit consultation with an Opedix representative in addition to their very own pair of Ski & Board Tights.



See the Opedix videos
  • Ski video
 • Boarding video



Opedix products were born in scientific research labs and employ orthopedic-based principles to support the knee and surrounding tissues. The Knee Support tights act like a soft brace, yet they bear no resemblance to big, bulky, mechanical braces. Skiers and boarders like they way the wear and feel, and report feeling less leg fatigue at the end of the day. When your knees aren’t right, you can’t perform to your potential. Take care of this critical joint, and it will take care of you. Real Science. Real Evidence. Real Results. That's Opedix.




The crew at Opedix and EpicSki want to hear why you’d make a great reviewer of Opedix’s revolutionary Ski & Board Tights. To enter, post your answer for why you would make a great reviewer and thats it. You will have a chance to win a custom-fit consultation with an Opedix representative as well as your very own pair of Ski & Board tights. The top four (4) entries will win!

Your entry will be judged on creativity, originality, and whether you followed all posted rules. All winners will be required to write a review of their experience using the Opedix tights.

The Rules:

- Your answer must be under 100 words.
- Your answer must be in original language conceived of and written by you.
- Your answer’s content and language must be appropriate for the EpicSki community.
- The winners must be in touch with Opedix, Inc. for a fitting consultation and must submit a complete review of the prize products after use.

The Prize:

- Four (4) First Place Prizes: Four (4) contestants will be awarded one (1) pair of Ski & Board Tights.
- Each winner will receive a custom-fit consultation with an Opedix representative to determine the winner’s size, style and fit.

The fine print.


Share why you think you would make a good reviewer of Opedix products in this contest thread to win a custom-fit consultation and a pair of Ski & Board Tights!

All qualifying entries must be received by March 9th 2012 at Midnight. Good Luck!

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I would make a good reviewer of Opedix Ski & Board Tights, here's why.  

On March 10th, 2008 I blew my left ACL. I had it reconstructed by Hamstring Autograft and returned to the slopes 7 months later. This season I began Masters racing in the Rocky Mountain Division of the USSA.  I have been racing Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill and will be in the National Downhill Championships in a little over a week at Ski Cooper in Colorado.  I do not wear a knee brace and would like more support for my muscles in both legs.

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I am a 70 year old Physician with both a Surgical and Anesthesia background.  I have spent 41 years in the Operating Room viewing surgeries - thousands of them knee surgeries.  I am also an advanced  skier.  I am aware of the issues for skiers regarding joint injury and treatment, muscle and circulatory physiology and the advantages  associated with wearing support garments to facilitate safe participation in athletic endeavors.  Interaction with skiers requires an understanding of their needs, level of skiing skill, their anxieties and their medical history and, when applicable, their history of injury or limitation.  The use of compression garments, with particular emphasis on joint stabilization, is of primary interest in skiing as both joint stress and muscle physiology related to blood flow in the legs may be enhanced with well designed equipment.

M. Atherton, M.D.

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I should be selected to review the Opedix tights because I have suffered from knee pain related to frequent skiing, and I experience even more because of how high boot-cuffs come up my lower leg (due to my short height, yet long feet for someone my size).  I aggressively ski in all types of snow conditions, and am involved in racing.  My knees and quads experience the kind of stress that Opedix aims to attenuate with their products.  I am very articulate and active on Epicski and my review is sure to accelerate Opedix sales!

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I'm a professional ski instructor who's been on the mountain since he was 3 years old.  Like many skiers, I've had knee problems from tendinitis to surgery.  Any product that could help me ski with more stability and less pain would be one I could recommend highly to clients and friends alike.

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I have no pre-concieved bias for the product; see my post in the thread you mentioned.

I have been a member of Epic for a few years, so it's not like I joined just to hawk the product.

My knees have been abused; the left one clicks every time I do my oblique muscle strengthening exercises, and I limp after a week of portaging in Temagami.

That is all.


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I've struggled to overcome knee pain my whole skiing life. The problem is congenital and I work everyday to keep going; exercising, making technical adjustments, looking for boot adjustments, using a variety of supports. I've been told more than once by medical professionals that one day the knees will probably just give up. The thing is I won't! I think Opedix is the product that will prolong my skiing life and defy the doctors for some considerable time. I never stop promoting skiing to anybody and everybody and would love to have the chance to recommend Opedix!

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I beat up my gear. I make things smell. I'm honest.
Don't really have any other reasons why I deserve these.
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After years of overflexing my knees during skiing I have finally learned to extend my knees, particularly my outside knee - in the body of the turn.

6 years ago I was diagnosed with a minor miniscus tear. The pain went away and only resurfaced this year, I think due to my change in technique. I have started using an Ace knee brace which seems to help, but it slips down and isn't very comfortable. I am very intrigued by the Opedix system and as I ski 4 times a week would be able to quickly evaluate it.
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Why me as a reviewer?  Because I'm a skier chick who's "double jointed".  Okay, okay, I know thats a term that's overused for folks like me who's joints overflex and, perhaps, isn't the right term.  So here's my reason that I'd love to be a reviewer for Opedix Knee Support Tights......


After a day of ski teaching on the mountain, or a killer powder day on the slopes, or a rigorous day of looking for sweet stashes, or even a day of enjoying the groomers,  I'm noticing the stress on my joints.  Because I've never had a knee injury I'm sure its because of stress I've subjected to my knees, (as well as elbows and shoulders) over the years, and I'm eager to try Opedix (top and bottom) to assess the ability to improve my overall joint happiness biggrin.gif


 My history as a reviewer and my objectivity speaks for itself, so you should pick me! [trekchick waves hand vigorously yelling "Pick me"]

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I'm fairly young at 27 but years of aggressive mogul skiing have done a number on my knees and the related ligaments.  I have pain but as of yet it has not hindered my abilities in the bumps or in life outside of skiing. I believe I could provide a unique review as I am likely one of the few interested parties who still tries to push the limits and could speak to the tights ability to prevent the pain as the day turns to night.  I ski casually and instruct on weekends and mogul train 1 night a week.


Thanks for the consideration.

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As a 24 year old ultimate player/skier at the height of my athletic career I participate in two sports that are heavy strainers on the knee. The constant change of direction in both ultimate and skiing will allow me to realize the full performance benefits of the Opedix system and will provide a diverse platform for review. As a user of the CW-X Stabilyx compression tights I will also be able to provide a point of comparison to a well regarded product. That said, I’m simply excited to win something for my birthday! Why so serious you guys?

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Like many of the posters above, I'm a long-time Epicski member and academy attendee with similar issues - 69 years old, 6 years past a torn ACL repaired with a cadaver graft, frequent consumer of ibuprofen for knees and thighs, BUT - I'm also a long-time user of one of your rivals. For years, a couple of pairs of CW-X support tights have been my default ski long johns. I think they help some - at least they give the feeling of stability -  but I'd love to do some on-the-hill comparison.

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why me? i'm turning 50 and have a leg length difference (2/3") so have noticeable more torquing on one leg and knee than the other (the right, 'longer' leg is stronger too)...while I try to keep in shape daily and even wear a heel lift to compensate, i can still feel the difference in my left knee atd the end of a good ski day (esp with the shorter one, so it doesn't turn as much when skiing).

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I own CWXs and like the wrap effect but fit is terrible. I roll the top and fold in a belt to keep them up. I love the idea of custom fitting, that's my biggest gripe with CWX.  When I'm not skiing bumps/trees I spend tons of time volunteering to clean/clear trails and carry heavy equipment with me such as chainsaws. Keeping my knees tightly wrapped skiing with heavy gear makes a big difference in soreness, so I am intrigued at the custom fit for those of us who don't have the stereotypical measurements needed for proper fit in CWX. 


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As a new skier at 42 years of age, I would be a great test subject for a product that claims to provide lateral support while not interfering with the essential range of motions for skiing. My knees are not the best, but I am conscious that they are not as resilient as when I was younger, and I often restrain myself when skiing certain conditions for fear of injuring myself. As an older intermediate to advanced skier, I would love to test the Opedix tights prior to getting injured, and prior to becoming proficient at skiing.

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I should be selected to review Opedix S1 Tights because I will give an unbiased and thoughtful review of the product.  Pros and Cons will be stated and substantiated. 


More importantly, you want my 52 year old knees in this study; left doesn’t have an ACL and right had ACL reconstruction last year.  


I race Wednesday, free ski Friday, and work race crew Saturday and Sunday (70 days per season).  Opedix designed the S1 line for knees like mine.  Give me the opportunity to tell you how my knees think you did.




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All this competition and word wrangling over a pair of tights?? Sheesh! Count me out!
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Why pick me as an independent reviewer for Opedix leggings? Because I already am! http://sidecut.ca/?p=86 Except now with the addition of a reconstructed ACL to put them through their paces. I bought my first pair of Opedix in 2009 to help with chronic patellofemoral pain syndrome, and they rapidly became an essential part of my ski day. I'm realistic about what they can achieve, but very conscious of the difference they make. In 2010 I blew out my left ACL and had reconstructive surgery, and the unloading capacity of the leggings became very important in the early stages of rehab when my quad muscles were weakened and not providing optimal support for the knee joint. After the long journey of injury and recovery, I'm hyper aware of knee and muscle function and exactly how the Opedix leggings help by changing the mechanics around the knee.


After two and a half years of hard use, my original bionic pants are looking a little ragged. My knees and I would be thrilled to receive a new pair. 


I ski 1-2 days a week at Whistler, on Vancouver's north shore, and in the BC backcountry. 


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Why me?

I have averaged over 130 days on the mountain every year for the past 35+ years.  I got 170 days last season counting backcountry days.  As I get older, I am always looking for any advantage to lessen the stress on my body & keep going day in & day out.  Working as an Instructor Trainer, Coach & Guide during the winter months I am in the position to have great influence on peoples decisions in their equipment choices.  In other words, I am a "Trend Setter extraordinaire!"

 1 last day 2010 009.JPG




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I am a 49 years old 5’5” male who inherited osteoporosis.  I don’t have a lot of muscle to protect myself.  I have weak knees and wrists and they get injured easily.  I normally have to figure out my own inventions to wrap my body up with thick clothing or protective band with cushioning when I ski.  I think the knees are in the location that is pretty difficult to protect no matter what I did.  I am very interested in reviewing Opedix to find out how it affectively protects my knees.

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Well since I ski in the East I think I’m already at a disadvantage, according to all those west coast skiers.  I’m an honest gear reviewer, I think my previous reviews reflect that. There’s a 4 o’clock bell? Mine rings at 3! By that time I’m done teaching I'm ready for the hot tub.  I’m just starting to master the moguls what better way to compare performance? I’d be happy to try a pair  and share my opinions.  I’d also wear them in the gym for leg day and share my results.

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I may NEED these when I get back to skiing next season: http://www.epicski.com/t/108711/ah-well-oh-crap

I'll be 73 then. I'll be back to teaching skiing full-time, something I've done since 1970. And I'm a regular here.
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I love to ski and had both knees replaced 2 years ago. Now I am looking for some extra support so I can really enjoy my 7 days of skiing per year. This year I will be at Vail for the whole month of March- something on my bucket list, as I'm now 69. I hope to get as much time in next year. I live in flat Florida, and think this product could be an important piece of equipment for recreational skiiers. I think you should consider giving away several of your products to various catagories of skiiers-nothing promotes a product like a satisfied customer! [And I should be one of them!!!!]

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Well I am currently 18 years old. I have been skiing since i was 6. Since then i have tore my acl on each leg. My full ski day has been at most 5 hours but that is with constant breaks to loosen up my knees. Lets just say my knees are shot and a product like this could be a lifesaver. Even if I didn't win this I may still be interested in buying a pair. My knees cannot get any worse or I may lose my dream of playing college golf. That is all. Thanks.


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I have had 3 surgeries to address a torn ACL, torn meniscus, and traumatic chondromalacia.  I am a 25-day/year aggressive skier, preferring moguls and woods.  I am almost 50, and suffer as a result of being the quintessential weekend warrior.  Most importantly, I am skeptical that your product will make any significant difference in my comfort level.  Can Opedix tights provide adequate compression without undesirable side effects such as numbness or pinching?  It seems unlikely.  Should your product prove beneficial and comfortable, however, I would be pleasantly surprised and would provide a glowing review.

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Sounding pathetic; but..?!

I'm 59 years old; skied since age 14...in "fits and starts." 

This is a "watershed" year. I skied twice in 2011 (after a 14 year hiatus); but 15 times...with a goal of 30+ outings currently. 




 *Diagnosed with MS in 1991

 *Attended the "CAN DO!" Heuga Center in '93; then started my own fund-raising team.

 *Have "nursed" a damaged right MCL/meniscus since 2000.

 *A 2010 mountain biking "mishap" aggravated those...adding a slightly torn MCL in the left knee.


My knees are "singin' the blues"...the rest of me sings JOYFULLY and THANKFULLY!


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I am a tall 52 year skier without any significant knee injuries, and I'd like to keep it that way.  My pair of CW-X tights feels good around the knees, but after 1 run I have plumber's butt so bad I am often mistaken for a snow boarder.  I would like to demo and review a better product with custom fit.  I would try them for other activities too, such as racquetball.  Thanks for supporting EpicSki.  Do I have to wear underwear with this, or can Opedix serve as my base layer?

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The joy and fun of a powder day, gives way to fatigue, soreness, yet I'll push.  At 58, my legs tire before my desire to ski is satisfied.  I'd love to try Opedix as a support and base layer to help make the run.  I'm not a fashion model, but when something works, I like to talk about it.  I've almost recovered from the Gathering, but I sure wish my legs felt a bit younger when I ski and especially when I wake up the next morning to do it again.

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I am a 59 year old female skier with bad knees.  On May 2 I will have a total knee replacement. I may need to ski with a brace, but most I have tried are bulky and restrict my range of motion. I'd ski much better in a pair of Opedix tights. 


My CW-X tights are worn out, and Opedix offers a higher level of support. Medical  

expenses have forced me to put ski purchases on hold. I really need to win these tights. 


Also, I am active on several ski forums and will provide multiple reviews if permitted.  

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